Reasons Why PS4 is Outselling the XBOX ONE

    Can you name a bad console that has sold well? I can’t. I can think of a great one that is selling amazingly well, though. An awesome console, with brilliant games, and the other essentials, is what gamers are attracted to… It’s that very recipe that’s made the PS, PS2, XBOX and XBOX 360 so successful, after all. It’s also the same recipe which is making gamers gravitate towards the PlayStation 4. This article takes a look at the possible reasons as to why the PS4 is currently outselling the XBOX One.


    Firstly, I want to say that I was an XBOX 360 gamer before the launch of either of these consoles. Before I’m accused of being a glorified PlayStation fan, I’m not. I go with what I think is best. I personally think the PS3 was the most disappointing console release from Sony and was the proud owner of an XBOX 360 – it was better after all (in my opinion). However, this is a totally new topic… back to the PS4.

    We now know that the PS4 is outselling the XBOX One by quite a distance.
    Latest data out in 2015 shows that the PS4 is ahead again with sales.

    One thing that initially put me off the XBOX One was simply its name, it really sounded puzzling and somewhat unexciting. However, it made plenty of sense once you understood what Microsoft we’re attempting to do: Microsoft wanted to offer an ‘all round’ experience, it wanted to be your hub for gaming, TV, apps; the whole lot. Sony, however, took a totally different approach – focusing primarily on gaming.

    PS4 and XBOX One -
    For me, it seemed as though the XBOX One was trying to better what my Smart TV could already offer, at the expense of having extra gaming features and power. The idea that I could watch TV on split screen whilst playing Halo was nothing new (my smart TV could already offer split screen between devices) – and something I’d hate to do anyway. In fact, the XBOX One received an Emmy award for “Television Enhancement Devices thanks to the Xbox One’s industry-leading television-on-demand and media centre capabilities.” – This perhaps tells you a lot. This is great for hardcore media TV fans, but has nothing to do with gaming what so ever.

    What you get with the PlayStation 4 is a slimmer, lighter and more powerful gaming system – these are facts. This alone for many is enough to warrant a buy ahead of the XBOX One. Furthermore, a simple subscription to SKY TV (for UK customers), Netflix, and other national TV services etc. and you’ve already got access to all you’d need with media through your PS4 apps. In fact, take one look the two offerings: XBOX One Apps and PS4 Apps – A fairly even playing field, right? I’d guess the XBOX One has a few more apps, but you’d hardly buy either console based upon the current app catalogue.


    Next, the control pads. I remember putting AA batteries inside my XBOX 360 controller; it actually cost me around £30 a year in batteries. I remember playing on FIFA, nearing the perfect shot, just to get that dreaded message that the batteries had died, by the time I’d searched the house for a couple of batteries, I’d already lost the match. Of course, batteries have become cheaper and cheaper, and you can now buy a large pack for around £15 / $25. You could also get a variety of accessories or rechargeable AA batteries, although this is tedious, right? One of the reasons I love the PS4’s wireless DualShock 4 controller so much is the fact it doesn’t take batteries. XBOX One gamers will immediately shout that they get a longer lasting charge life from their control pad, which is true. But that comes at a massive expensive: XBOX One gamepad is bigger, heavier and doesn’t come with a touch pad button – not to ignore the possible on-going cost of batteries.


    Owning the most powerful and shiny machine is all good and well, but it’s useless without good games to play on it. This is where I thought Microsoft’s XBOX One might start to capitalise. However, the XBOX One and PS4 have basically seen an even balance between exclusives, so far. Sony’s sale of SOE indicates that the XBOX One is set to receive a few new great games, however, this may actually benefit PS4 gamers, and hence why Sony sold SOE in the first place (read here). The Last of Us (PS4) and Sunset Overdrive (XBOX One) are debatably the two best exclusives to hit both consoles, so far. Whichever machine you own, the future looks fairly balanced – perhaps with the PS4 edging it. This year’s E3 will give us a good clue about fresh new exclusives for both consoles.

    Whilst I’m with the majority, this is just my opinion about why I prefer the PS4 to the XBOX One. What are your opinions? Leave them below!


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