Killer Reasons PC Gaming is Superior to Other Platforms

Every gamer has their preferred platform. Some are die-hard PlayStation fans to the very end while others couldn’t live without their XBOX. But there are many people who will tell you that the best piece of equipment for gaming is a desktop or laptop computer. There are many different reasons that some gamers prefer a PC to any games console. They will tell you that PC gaming is far superior, offering better quality gameplay and equipment with updatable hardware. Although many people play games on both PC and consoles, there’s no doubt that they provide different experiences. Each console has its pluses too, but while gamers argue over which of them is better, you can mull over these incredible reasons for why PCs are the superior platform.

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Some are Portable (laptops)

Although some people choose to play on a desktop, many PC gamers opt for a gaming laptop. While these machines aren’t exactly small enough to slip into a tiny backpack, they’re a lot more portable than other gaming platforms. Sure, you could pack your console into your bag and take it with you wherever you go, but you still need a screen to play on. And it’s also possible to play XBOX games on a Windows phone, but who wants to play on such a small screen? Gaming laptops might be heavier than your average notebook, but it’s easier to take them to a friend’s house, on vacation or to a gaming tournament.

You Can Customize Them

One of the best things about a PC is that you can change it to fit your requirements. Consoles come pretty much as they are, but you can adjust your computer to keep up with the latest games. When you first buy it, you can customize it using and similar services, so you get a laptop of desktop to your exact specifications. That means you can get great graphics, audio and speed, and it’s up to you how powerful you make your equipment. It doesn’t have to be expensive either since it doesn’t take very long for hardware prices to drop to more affordable levels.

High Resolution

Since you can get hold of whatever hardware you like, you can achieve unbelievably high levels of screen resolution. Many gamers experience problems with console manufacturers offering HD games that don’t deliver. But you can get excellent displays on PCs, and have been able to for a long time. Many gaming laptops and desktops can now run at a resolution of 1,600×1,200 or above, so your graphics can come to life.

Mouse and Keyboard Controls

While many gamers love the feel of a controller in their hands, PC gamers will continue to espouse the benefits of controlling games with a mouse and keyboard. With these deceptively simple pieces of equipment, you can get more control, precision and speed in your playing than you can fumbling with a few buttons and a tiny joystick. But even if you prefer to use a different type of controller, there are various options for playing on your PC. With consoles, you’re limited to one type of controller.

User Generated Content

Console games like Little Big Planet have brought user generated content to the forefront, but it’s been a favorite thing in PC gaming for a long time. People have been making modifications (mods) for computer games for years. They can customize add-ons, objects, unofficial levels and many other things in a huge range of possible alterations. All of these things are shared for free too, which forms an excellent community spirit. Take the example of The Sims franchise. People have been making custom sims, clothes, furniture, building tools and more since the first game was available.

Games Cost Less

One of the best things about playing games on your computer is that the games are often cheaper than the console versions. The reason for the higher prices in console gaming is the licensing and publishing costs for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. They drive up the prices, so they’re less affordable than the PC ones. In fact, even used games on PlayStations or XBOX‘s can cost more than a brand new game for you computer.

Storage Space

Since you can add and receive hardware as you wish, you can expand your storage as and when you need to do so. Hard drives and other storage devices are now superb value for a lot of storage space; you could store a potentially limitless number of games. Although consoles are now beginning to look at moving over to cloud storage, you can store all your PC games on a cloud platform right now. Your storage space doesn’t even need to take up any physical room because you can keep everything safely on the cloud.


PC game fans are big advocates of finding fixes and cheats by ferreting through files and playing with them, much like they do with mods. As well as pulling apart save game and data files, they love looking for ways to mend corrupt files. Some people even go beyond that and help to create unofficial fixes to distribute to the community. This is a very useful thing when the publisher has stopped providing support to players of a certain game. There’s often a huge community focus, where everyone bands together to keep the spirit of a game going.


When you buy a new console, you can discover that the games from your previous model are not compatible with the latest release. Although this has happened with PC games too, you aren’t entirely limited. Most computer games will translate into new operating systems and equipment, but those that don’t can be adapted. You can use emulators to play outdated games on newer PCs, so you can even experience your favorites from the ’80s and ’90s.

If you’ve never played games before or you only use consoles, there are many brilliant reasons to consider playing on a PC. You might find that it’s the best gaming experience you ever have.


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