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    Well, it has been a long year in the gaming world. Games have come and clung, and others have come and quickly slinked back into the forgotten games corner. It may be you are looking for some inspiration for a game gift, or you have just come for a reminder of what might be out there for you to spend that voucher on. Whatever your reason, we have some great ideas and suggestions for the best car games out there

    If you are a keen gamer, you have probably tried it all. From the retro platform video games, to the high adrenaline zombie-kill fests there have never been so many genres on offer. Most of us have a favorite, but we are all willing to give whatever is trending a quick go. This year has seen a fair few gamers ditch the traditional discs (and even cartridges), and move exclusively to online gaming. Apps are plentiful, but playing ‘in-phone’ doesn’t quite cut it for those that want to immerse themselves in the experience. If you are looking for a bit of fun at work in your lunch break, you can even play games like 2 fast 2 furious online racing game from your desk.


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    Driving or car games are one of those genres that you really want a big screen, comfy chair, and booming sound system for. You want to be in that car. You want to feel the ride and take the bumps with the on-screen characters. 3D is one way to bring you closer to the experience, but so far, nothing quite takes the place of the old arcade simulators.

    For sound, and quality of the image, games have pushed the boundaries this year. Role playing shoot-em-ups have taken the lead here, but if it weren’t for the car games, the landscapes would not have been developed to the extent they have done. More has been done for gaming this last year than at any other time. The gaming industry is now worth more than any other entertainment platform. More money is invested here than in movies or TV. And yet, each game has such a comparatively narrow market or audience. That means we have the power.  If you think gaming isn’t having an effect on the car industry you will be wrong. Just think about how many vehicles have been launched lately with a ‘fun-to-drive’ advertising message. A far cry from the ‘safe-to-drive’ ad campaigns of yesteryear!

    So here it is. The list of car games that have won our hearts recently.

    Forza Horizon 2 – Without a doubt this has summed up all that is great about car games for the XBox 1. A very good choice of vehicles are on offer with gameplay, and the detail in the graphics has to be commended. The play functionality leaves little in the way of disappointment, apart from the fact that very young players are not likely to enjoy this game for a few years. While it is great for the grown-ups among us, some younger kids may think there is little in there for them. This is certainly one of the best console games for true car enthusiasts.

    forza 2

    WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship – This is high adrenaline stuff that has stood the test of time from the PS3 catalog. The unique handling of each vehicle has yet to be bettered by current leading games, and the types of track available are difficult to find in other games too. Rally racing in a virtual world is a lot of fun and gives you a chance to take risks in a safe environment. There are some great coaching opportunities here for those who might try the real thing.

    Need For Speed Rivals – This game has proven popular, mainly due to tapping into a popular series. While it has excellent graphics thanks to the PS4 platform, it may have disappointed the truly hardcore gamers hoping for a new driving experience. It hasn’t provided much beyond all that has come before, but it is still a great game to play if you are looking for something for your new console.

    Gran Turismo 6 – You know it has to be good if you are on the 6th offering of the popular franchise. Gran Turismo has been the most popular car game for years and years. Number 6 in the list really did top them all for the PS3 though because it evolved what had come before and utilized new graphics capabilities to the max. This particular game can be picked up pretty cheaply at the moment and competes exceedingly well against recent offerings.

    Mario Kart 8 – Even those who don’t game have to ‘fess up to having played at least one of the Mario Karts that have been released over the last couple of decades. The action is fast and frantic and will keep you giggling for hours. Not a lot has changed, but the graphics are obviously more sophisticated, and the angles of view are superior. If you have your favorite characters, you will be delighted to learn they are still there for the WiiU, and you can have hours of fun over new and familiar courses. Try the same old tricks or look for some clever new strategies for knocking your opponents out.

    There are lots of great driving games out there, each offering something, but none quite offer the full package yet. However, as a bit of fun for young and old from the safety of your own couch, there is little to beat a good ol’ bit of console driving. The choices now are falling into neat little niches. You can choose rallying, trying your luck at gripping all manner of track surfaces. You can practice drifting in some of the world’s wildest customized vehicles. If you like the finer details of the real thing, you can even find games that will give you that. For some it is more about the narrative, so you may want a car game that has a story, and the cars move you through the challenges.


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