Pokémon Go: The Beginning of Augmented Reality?

Collecting cards was once considered cool, yet today it’s the smartphones that help to dictate what trends are in and which aren’t. This couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the latest development, Pokémon Go. Greeted with thrill, excitement and controversy, the app is helping to define the very basics within the realm of augmented reality.

pokemon go

Many apps struggle to provide the sparkle that can help to introduce a new direction, yet Pokémon Go is one of those rare and unique examples. It’s the app that will have game app developers’ busy thinking.

Already greeted with plenty of controversy, Pokémon Go is able to take you on one of the most entertaining orienteering experiences currently available. Your smartphone device provides the platform to find common and rare Pokémon monsters alike. As your GPS becomes the compass, walking a distance can quickly feel worthwhile as you find those supposedly unfadable monsters.

What makes this game so innovative? It actually takes you out of the house. Many imagine gamers to be couch potatoes, sitting in front of a TV with a slice of pizza readily available, yet this is often a false image, and an old school opinion. With that said, I’m sure the majority of gamers would agree, gaming is hardly considered a physically engaging activity, yet Pokémon Go provides an interesting alternative.

Augmented Reality isn’t just fun, it’s the future. The idea that you can interact with the real world you live-in within a different and unique way is what makes this technology so exciting. As you’re probably aware, this very scenario is already taking the world by storm.

Smartphones and tablets will continue to progress with technological advancements, yet it could be the app developers which transform how the devices are actually used the most. However, other devices, such as headsets, are expected to deliver the best experiece for this type of technology.

Augmented Reality has the potential to change the way in which we do many different things. You could say that this is the beginning in its simplest form taken to the masses. Augmented Reality is tech that Microsoft is keeping an eye on with regards to their HoloLens, a headset that allows you to interact with the world around you, which is expected to help lay down the foundations of this technology.


Of course, gaming will be a major area for Augmented Reality, but it will surely expand far beyond this. For example, designing a new product could be done in a way never before imagined, seeing what a product might look like in your home would instantly become obvious too. How about conducting your own home plumbing via a remote assistant? These are all ideas that could be provided by this upcoming technology.

Just like virtual reality, augmented delivers a different twist, yet it ultimately takes you away from the real world and provides something virtual. What do you think? How popular can this technology actually become? Be sure to leave your feedback within the comments.

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