NES Classic Edition: Everything You Need to Know

    Nintendo recently announced that the console that started it all is making a comeback in a big (well, technically small) way. That’s right, the original NES is being re-released, but this isn’t your daddy’s console…New NES mini

    Everything You Need to Know

    The NES Classic Edition, as it’s being called (though it’s also known as the NES Mini), is an adorable little device that fits in the palm of your hand, and it’ll be released on November 11, 2016. It uses a revamped NES controller and doesn’t take cartridges (so your old controllers and games won’t work), and the HDMI cables allow it to plug into modern TVs. It comes pre-loaded with 30 of the NES’s best titles, but unfortunately it doesn’t have the ability to download or add any new titles. Still, it’ll only cost you $60 (50GBP), which is the price of a normal AAA game! It’s hard not to be excited!

    The Games Make the Consolesuper_mario_bros

    When you look at the list of the original games coming with the NES Mini, it gets even more exciting. Castlevania I and II, Double Dragon II, Super Mario Bros. 1-3, Final Fantasy, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, The Legend of Zelda I and II, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr., Kid Icarus, Mega Man 2… the list goes on (you’ll find the full thing at the bottom of the page). Every one of these games is a classic, which means that not only do many of us get to relive the fantastic gaming experiences of our youth, but a whole new generation is going to be introduced to them for the first time!

    The Return of Retro


    Since there are two controller ports, the NES Classic may mark the triumphant return of couch co-op, something which has been severely lacking in the modern video gaming world. If all goes well, it will hopefully show modern devs that this is something a lot of gamers want. The NES Mini will undoubtedly be a hit at parties and lazy weeknight hangout sessions alike, especially since retro is once again all the rage these days.

    SEGA Strikes Backnew sega mini

    Somewhat surprisingly, SEGA has announced their own mini console, but there’s more than meets the eye there… the console isn’t even made by SEGA, but by Chinese company “Atgames,” and it’s actually just a re-release of the Mega Drive (more popularly known as the SEGA Genesis) emulator that Atgames released some years back. Since it’s not an actual SEGA product, it doesn’t have the best graphic or sound quality, and the console itself isn’t of the best quality. There are 80 games included in the console (40 of which are Atgames’ own creation), but it does allow you to play SEGA Genesis cartridges and comes with two wireless controllers.

    The Full List of NES Classic Games

    Balloon Fight

    Bubble Bobble


    Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

    Donkey Kong

    Donkey Kong Jr.

    Double Dragon II: The Revenge

    Dr. Mario


    Final Fantasy


    Ghosts ‘n Goblins


    Ice Climbers

    Kid Icarus

    Kirby’s Adventure

    Mega Man 2


    Mario Bros.

    Ninja Gaiden


    Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream

    Star Tropics

    Super C

    Super Mario Bros.

    Super Mario Bros. 2

    Super Mario Bros. 3

    Tecmo Bowl

    The Legend of Zelda

    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link


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