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    The Minecraft sensation has undoubtedly taken over the world by storm and is the subject of many online discussions across the vast reaches of the interwebs. If you are among the millions who love Minecraft, then there is a particular attribute of the game that you’ll find quite appealing: the ability to choose from a plethora of Minecraft skins and, of course, mould an entire world to your own liking. Today, we’ll be delving deeper into this immersive world as we seek to learn more about Minecraft skins.

    What do Minecraft Skins bring to the Table?

    Think of these skins like the missing pieces to a puzzle; they compliment the world you’ve created by adding a matching tone. They serve the equivalent purpose of chess pieces to a chess board. Skins are the paintbrush with which to style the world of Minecraft. Without the right skin to match, then even the most enthralling world will still feel like something is amiss.

    For all your skin needs, you better head on over to as they have many skin alterations to match every occasion. The website contains an assembly of countless skins and is your best bet at finding excellent choices that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Picks of the bunch

    On, there is a skin to suit every setting and some of those top-notch skin varieties include:

    The Terminator is back!


    If you create a post-apocalyptic version of earth where the robots win the war against mankind, then it’s only right that you accompany this harrowing world with the iconic terminator skin. The terminator is certainly one of the most famous villain-turned-hero stories and now you can play as the lovable machine that gave up its life to save the human race.

    The matrix; enough said!

    Also another 21st-century hit is the matrix trilogy that redefined the boundaries of futuristic movies at the time. You now can play as Neo’s greatest adversary, Agent Smith.

    Let loose your inner Joker, and Batman

    You can play as the iconic Joker, Batman’s diabolical arch nemesis with a penchant for laughter. The conniving villain is available- and so as is Gotham’s dark night- in his trademark green and purple combo complete with his eerie makeup and sinister smile. You can waltz around in your own self-made version of Gotham unleashing chaos upon the streets and to anyone who crosses your path. Or, you can scower the city as Gotham’s watchful protector, Batman.

    Optimus Prime

    The lovable leader of the Autobots also has a skin molded in his image. His purple and red have been paired to realize a sleek virtual figurine that tickles every transformer fan’s fancy. You can feel how it is to walk a day in the life of this sentient savior whilst exploring the joys the world of Minecraft has to offer.

    Luke Skywalker

    The popularity of the Star Wars franchise is just as massive as Minecraft’s. Fusing the iconic series with the enthralling world of Minecraft affords an experience that is unrivalled, and that’s exactly what you get with the Luke Skywalker skin. It is the epitome of history’s famous galactic hero and ingenious creativity merging into an iconic character. The force will certainly be with you on this one!

    Jack Sparrow

    The ever-drunk and witty pirate also has an enchanting Minecraft depiction that’ll you surely love. He comes in his renowned pirate costume complete with his real-life beard and facial hair replica. Skins don’t get much cooler than this!

    And these skins are just but a tip of the iceberg available on Their collection is not only diverse but also encompasses the latest additions of sleek, cool and outright badass Minecraft skins. You’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. Any skin you so imagine, you can find here.

    How to get skins

    Minecraft skins can be obtained in one of two ways; by customizing your very own through the simple in-game editing process or by downloading a finished design without having to go through the troubles of creation. You can download a skin via your preferred browser by saving the desired image into a select folder. Make sure that the said image is in a PNG format before downloading.

    Using the skin in-game

    The next step is to launch Minecraft and click on the hanger icon below your character’s avatar. Select the blank model (below the default field) and click the option. Choose New Skin’ after which you’ll navigate to the select folder mentioned above where your downloaded skin went to. Once there, click on the skin file desired to upload then hit ‘open’ and set the model type. All that’s left to do now is click the ‘Confirm Skin’  and watch as your avatar transforms into your fancy new character!

    Bottom Line

    A world of Minecraft without matching skins is like pizza without seasoning, like fries without ketchup, and like a song minus the beats. In a nutshell, skins complete the enthralling world that is Minecraft. They revitalize each setting adding that missing touch which makes it all the more fun and enchanting. Steve might be a cool default character, but they are many skins out there who give him a run for his money. So be sure to try out the options available at You can also download some great Minecraft Wallpapers here at Gamerbolt.


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