Lamborghini and Need for Speed

    Many boys in childhood were first introduced to the legendary Italian supercar brand Lamborghini, it is thanks to a series of games Need for Speed. Today we still remember with nostalgia these fast yellow supercars, at the wheel of which we rode through Rockport. 

    However, the guys have grown up and now we can rent a Lamborghini and easily drive it on the real street. To do that you only need to get an international driver’s license and find a Lamborghini for rent in Dubai. The range of hiring fleet and prices of sportscars for rent will really surprise you. And in this article, we will remember two iconic Lamborghini models in the Need for Speed series: the Gallardo and the Murciélago LP 640.

    Lamborghini Gallardo

    • V10 5.0 liter engine.
    • Power 493 hp.
    • All-wheel drive
    • Acceleration 0-100 in 4.2 seconds
    • Weight 1430 kg
    • Maximal speed 311 km/h
    • Transmission 6-speed (sequential)

    Lamborghini Gallardo is an iconic car in the Italian automobile industry, and this car is popular for rent in Dubai, appears in NFS: Most Wanted, NFS: Carbon, NFS: Undercover, NFS: Most Wanted (2012), and NFS: Nitro.


    NFS: Most Wanted

    Lamborghini Gallardo is unlocked after defeating Ming and can be bought in Career Mode for $120,000. It is Ming’s personal car.

    NFS: Carbon

    The Lamborghini Gallardo will become available after winning the Bowen Avenue Fighter race (in career mode “Tuning”). The car is located in the type of cars “Foreign cars” of class 3. It can be bought for $175,000. Also, it can go to Neville and Sal.

    NFS: Undercover.

    This iconic yellow car is only available in the PS2 and Wii versions of the game.

    NFS: Nitro

    Lamborghini Gallardo stands in Class A.

    NFS: Most Wanted (2012)

    Lamborghini Gallardo is present as a convertible and is in the following places

    • Above the yellow pipe at the intersection of two highways.
    • Near a construction site (in the path of the first Porsche Carrera race)
    • At one of the entrances to the industrial zone.

    Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640

    • Engine V12 (6.5L) 
    • Power of 631 hp. 
    • Front-wheel drive
    • 0-100 acceleration in 3.3 seconds
    • Weight 1650 kg
    • Maximal speed 340 km/h
    • Transmission 6-speed (manual)

    Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 is an improved version of the regular Lamborghini Murciélago. You can easily rent one if you want in a real-life, But if you want to find it in Need For Speed series, it appears in NFS: Carbon, NFS: ProStreet, NFS: Undercover, NFS: Shift, NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010) and Shift 2: Unleashed.

    NFS: Carbon

    LP 640 is a class 3 car. You can get it if you get one of the cards in the “Network Game” category. This car can also be driven in one of the chase mode quests.

    NFS: ProStreet

    The LP 640 is a class 3 car and can be purchased for $320,000.

    Competitors who have this car:

    • Antoine Gaskins (Speed Racing)
    • Andreas Romanoff (Grip)

    NFS: Undercover.

    The LP 640 can be purchased for $250,000 after reaching level 13.5. Appears as a hijacking car in the “Feds” mission.

    Rivalries that have this car:

    • Lyon (Min. Tuning).
    • Monies311 (Medium Tuning)

    NFS: Shift

    This car will be unlocked if you collect 80 stars. Has a rating of 13.50. It costs $300,000.

    NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010)

    On the LP 640, you can drive for the police and racers. In the first case, you need to get 360,000 police points, and in the second you need to reach 473,750 racer points.

    NFS: Shift 2: Unleashed.

    The LP 640 appears in the S2U Limited Edition. This car is free in the game.



    I hope you, like me, recalled those feelings from your childhood when you got that precious yellow supercar in your favorite game, and moreover, it can be easily rented for a good price. Race cool cars and get away from cops in Rockport in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, but by no means repeat it in real life. Good Luck!


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