Is Far Cry 6 Just Another Far Cry 5 with a New Map?

    Here we are, again like every year talking about a big game, from a big franchise by a big developer. And today we are going to be talking about how similar Far Cry 6 is to its predecessor and if it is, is it for the good or the bad? Or is it just another Far Cry 5 with a new map? These are just a few of the many questions that hardcore far cry fans can’t seem to be let go of.

    To our surprise, we were expecting yet another ruined-up sequel in the franchise by Ubisoft but they have actually improved quite a lot while letting the game retain the very essence of the series, how? Let’s talk about it in detail.


    Far Cry 6 – What’s bad?

    FarCry 6 is an overall improvement over its predecessor in many ways, be it the gameplay mechanics, specifically relating to combat or the storyline bugs, or more seriously the lack of emotion. But of course, some things they had to mess up like being able to craft from the weapon wheel. Imagine being in the middle of a heavy firefight and you see an armored troop coming your way, you shoot down a dozen mags of ammo and it does nothing because you need armor-piercing bullets.

    And that’s not all Ubisoft makes you find a fricking workbench amid all chaos and get yourself the required ammo, how cute. That’s just one of the things that just don’t add up with all the progress that the franchise had made over the years. It almost feels like the developers wanted to stretch the game in a way that it just doesn’t feel real like it used to, which for any hardcore fan is kinda frustrating. Anyways, there are considerable positive changes that make us want to overlook these tedious issues.


    Far Cry 6 – What’s Good?

    FarCry 6 has definitely come a long way from its predecessor in terms of improvements as well. And talking about the major improvements, let us start with the game’s story first. One of the major obstacles to the gameplay in Far Cry 5 is the story’s advancement. Players have to accomplish side quests to earn resistance points in order to advance the plot and eliminate the Seed family member in charge of each particular region.

    This detracts from the tension and urgency of the story by turning normally optional side tasks into a prerequisite for finishing Far Cry 5. The game progresses unreasonably slowly and lacks an immersive encounter with deadly villains, unlike it did in Far Cry 3’s Vaas, which still remains one of the greatest boss encounters in gaming history. Far Cry 5 just can’t keep the urgency and tension last like it should, which sometimes just abruptly disconnects you from the game’s pace.

    Adding to the whole aesthetic is the setting of FarCry 6’s Yara, a beautiful country with much more promise than FarCry 5’s Hope County. Gorgeous art direction combined with equally beautiful graphics makes Yara a great place to explore and conquer.


    Far Cry 6 – The Fun Factor

    There’s no doubt that one of the main reasons why players love the FarCry series so much is that it comes packed with a ton of features that are super fun to explore. It gives us the means to enjoy the game besides the main story or the side quests, and this fun factor mostly depends on our interaction with the weapons and enemies in the game.

    That’s another reason we would choose FarCry 6 over Farcry 5 any day the combat, and enemies are much better in terms of the AI and the supremo is the real deal in FarCry 6. Supremos are deadly-ass weapons you carry on your back that could tear your enemies to shreds with barrages of missiles, hack them up with poison gas or even toast them with a wave of fire. The intensity of firefights in the newer title is just good to a fault.

    And with no real difference in the game price tag of the two games, I think it’d be much better to buy Far Cry 6, especially now when the discount season is on the rise.


    Far Cry 6 vs Far Cry 5 – Which One is Better?

    So in the light of everything that we just talked about, I think Far Cry 6 definitely takes the crown. Majorly, changes like unhindered story progression, better weapons, better enemies, and better setting make Far Cry 6 really a great game even if we don’t compare it to its predecessor, the game in itself is quite a charm to play and something the gamers around the world shouldn’t really miss.

    Hopefully, this will clear out some of the confusion that you might have had about the games. And if you are looking to play one, I would definitely recommend you go for the Far Cry 6 as you don’t really have anything to catch up with from the previous title.


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