How To Begin Competitive eSports Gaming

    There is one point in your childhood when you become addicted to gaming. Sometimes your studies even suffer from it and your parents get worried about your future. They will insist that computer games will get you nowhere and lead you astray. I did a fair share of cutting classes and received plenty of spankings. But those days are over. Computer gaming, particularly eSports gaming, has become lucrative and is now considered a career.

    With an estimated revenue of USD $492 million in 2016, eSports is experiencing an unprecedented change of perception. You now have an acceptable motivation to pursue your gaming and a convincing reason for your parents to hear. The industry is expected to increase its revenue by 32%, estimated to generate $1.48 billion in 2020. Although it is deemed rewarding, the eSports landscape is highly competitive. If you are very well determined to join the ranks of Dendi, Jaroslaw, and Amer “Miracle,” then here are the steps to begin competitive eSports gaming.

    Play a Multitude of Games and

    Expose yourself to different games. Different games mean different play styles. You need to find the most suitable game for you. Find where you are gifted. It could be a first-person shooter, real-time strategies, multiplayer online battles arenas, card games, or fighting games. By exposing yourself to these kinds of games, you will determine which one you find most comfortable and confident.

    Choose Your Gaming Platform

    After deciding your chosen genre, it is time to determine your most-suitable gaming platform. Most of the games can be played in several platforms. Gaming platforms are the system made to play your video games. Some of the most popular platforms are PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Wii U. Decide on which one of these are best for you.

    Focus on One Game

    Since you have exposed yourself to different game play and experiences using a diverse set of platforms, it is time for you to decide which genre of game, or the game itself, you would like to master. Some games just feel like you are naturally inclined without putting to much effort. That is probably the game you are likely to excel in. You need to understand the underlying factors like the macros and micro gameplay of each game.

    Think If You Are Serious About It.

    Competitive eSports gaming requires a lot of time and pure dedication. It would not be called sport otherwise. Contemplate whether this is really what you want. You need pure dedication for this craft. Giving your all can mean not going to a regular college or not finishing your studies at all. This is the best time to talk to your parents or guardian and discuss your future endeavors

    Practice a Lot of Techniques and Skills

    Once you’ve made an informed decision then it is time to get serious and hone your gaming skills, hard. Practice a lot, watch tutorials, and set a desired skill level for yourself to reach. This will take a lot of time. It is also effective for you to practice with other players whose rank and skill level are higher than yours.

    Attend a Summer Camp

    With the support of your parents, you might consider attending esport summer camps. If you are fortunate to have supportive parents then this is easy to realize. These summer camps are capable of giving you immersive programs designed to improve your skills and start a foundation for your career.

    Join a Team and League

    Associate yourself with likeminded people and start a team. It is important to establish a comradery because a lot of games require teamwork. You need to be comfortable with each other’s gaming styles to sync and succeed. Around this time, you should also explore and join a league. You can join a school league or a local league organized by your local gaming community.

    Join International Tournament

    The next big step is to join an international tournament and establish your name. If you cannot join a tournament, being a spectator is not a bad thing. This will give you a taste of the competitive atmosphere and get the sense of the career path you are going forward.

    Get Sponsorship and Live Your Dreams

    Affiliate and network yourself, and apply for sponsorship. This means you will get support from companies who can give you financial aid, free merchandise, and handle your career. This can be considered the epitome of your career. Companies might fight over your name as you will bring value to their brand.


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