How To Get Better At PUBG

Want to learn how to get better at PUBG? In this article, we’ve offered some of the best tips you can use to improve your game.

We’ve included tips for learning how to stay alive for longer, as well tips on what to do when you do stay alive throughout the game.

Hopefully, by the time you have read through this article, you will have a better understanding of PUBG and how to play it better.

Play More Conservatively

One of the best tips we can offer is to play more conservatively in PUBG. If you run towards every last shot you hear, chances are you’ll die a lot sooner than somebody that’s a bit more calculated about how they approach different situations.

We’re not saying for you to hide in a building all game either – it’s just about finding balance. If you hear a firefight in the distance and you want to get involved, you should move from cover to cover as you get closer to the combat area.

When you’re closer, you should stop to survey the area and work out how many people are involved in the fight. Don’t just run or shoot at the first person you see. Give it time, learn about the situation you’re about to get involved in and find the right opportunity to attack.

A lot of times, the best time to attack is just after one team has killed the other – in this instance, you’ll be able to kill players whilst they’re looting and you’ll also have the added benefit of only needing to deal with one team at once.

Learn About The Flow Of Gameplay

The strategies you use should change as the gameplay progresses. For example, it’s usually normal to be within close proximity of people at the very start of the game. You will all be rushing to get weapons and gear, so engaging in fights this early in the game can be a good way to get a few starting kills.

In the middle stages of the game, you’re given the freedom to move from location to location. During this point of the game, you’ll start to see players a lot less. You should be spending this time looting and getting better gear instead of trying to find fights. Just don’t get too distracted with looting, because there’s always the chance that you’ll come across players when you least expect it.

In the late stages of the game, the play area is so small that there are always going to be a lot of players close to you. During this time, you should find cover, stay low and only shoot when you have to.

If you shoot too much and stay in the same position, you’ll draw a lot of attention towards you and this could end up with you getting killed.

Know Which Weapons To Engage With

Sometimes, playing PUBG is just knowing which weapons to engage with. You wouldn’t want to use a shotgun at long range, and using a sniper in close quarters is a bad idea as well.

You should always have a long ranged weapon and a close ranged weapon equipped on your character. When you come close to a building, go indoors, or enter an area with limited space, switch to your close quarters weapon.

It’s safer to hold your close quarters weapon the majority of the time, and then when you’re running in open areas, such as a large open field, you can switch to your long ranged weapon.

Another thing to consider is that if you shoot somebody with a sniper, it’s often faster to switch to your second weapon to finish off the kill than it is to reload the sniper.

Keep Playing

You might not be a PUBG pro just yet, but if you keep playing, you’ll learn more about how to play the game effectively and will start to get more of a hand on the inventory management and weapon control. Over time, you’ll start to see your skill level in PUBG increase just by playing it for longer.


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