Fortnite’s New Giant Mechs

    Whenever something new happens in Fortnite, it is looking forward to with great expectation and hope. This is because of quite a few things. Players are quite sure that they will get new skins, emotes could be crazier than ever before, and new weapons will be there and quite a few things will be there to explore as new additions. However, as far as Fortnite’s new giant mechs are concerned, there are many who believe that it has been a big letdown. Not many are ready to say anything good about the new giant mechs. This, unfortunately also includes streamer SypherPK.

    Did It Deliver On Its Promise

    The Xth season of Fortnite has been in full action and in full swing for a whole week now. Therefore it is quite obvious that many of us would have had the chance to play a fair bit of it by now. There is no doubt that the Xth season has its own share of excitement. It brought with it various new locations. It also had a new town where players were unable to build anything. However, there are many who believe that Epic has patched the loopholes and has managed to find almost everything instantly.

    The Good And The Bad

    The new additions that Season X brought with it including vaulting of the Baller were celebrated by almost all players. However, the vehicle that has replaced it was considered to be a big flop. It perhaps is about the giant mech that Epic considers being a Brute. There is no denying the fact that it is a massive robot. It required two players for operation and there is no doubt that it is effectively indestructible. It is quite difficult to come across one such Brute and in case you are able to do it, you certainly do not belong to the minority.

    The Ammunition

    Brute is quite well-equipped and it comes with a shotgun and ten rockets. The giant mech also has a few more things up its sleeve. The mech has the capability of stomping its opponents should the players controlling it decides to do so. The stomping will most certainly push the opponents into elimination. As though this was not enough, the Brute also has the capacity to harvest materials. It does so by simply crushing the various structures and objects. Further, the overpowered new vehicles have resulted in many eSports Fortnite players to take defensive action. Many of them have done so by grabbing their pitchforks.

    Players Feedback

    There are many players who have different takes as far as Brute is concerned. While some were in praise for it, there were others who were not at all happy by the news that Brute would be a weaker animal. This is perhaps because of a recent update that was made to the software. The players suggested that the removing of certain powers of Brute would lead to a situation where it would nerfed through the Xth season. It would then be vaulted entirely when the Season 11 launch would take place. This is not just a statement and it has happened to Baller as far as season 9 was concerned. It did move on to Season X also. But there is a feeling that Epic might be moving in a different direction.

    The Updates Were In Place

    The updates were rolled out and it is sad that Brute has not gone through any changes and it has not been nerfed at all. Therefore, Epic has quite a few complaints and it hears them. The Fortnite players also believe that Epic does not seem to care about it in any manner whatsoever. The players are ready to pull the legs of the creators and believe that Brute nerfing is almost there and there is no way it can be stopped. Given the various negative feedbacks from players, it may not be long before you see the departure of these new giant mechs. Therefore, if you are one of the few who loves these new giant mechs, you should not waste any more time. You must try and make the most of it, when you can. This is because it is quite certain that Brute will not remain as Brute as it is now. It will also have many of its powers taken away and therefore it will not last as long as it is now.


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