Before The Convention: PAX South

With less than twenty-four hours remaining until the opening of PAX South, the anticipation grows stronger. The flight is packed and the next four days will bring new and interesting components to the Game Industry and Tech community. A full line of panels is ready for tomorrow and the crowds have been coming in by the truckloads yesterday and today. While the first day falls on a workday, many attendees will be skipping school, work, or other obligations just to get the full experience. Tip: If you plan on ever going to a convention take advantage and do the entire thing.

After looking at the schedule thoroughly, there is no “major” game announcement to happen at this con, which is a little bit of a disappointment, but not every convention will fall in time for a major game announcement. We expect to see AAA and indie games there. One in particular I am personally looking forward to seeing is a game called BlackSea Odyssey, a game I played and bought a year ago, when it was in beta. I personally know the development team and the game is outright amazing. (Review to come soon).

The panels this year are heavily focused on the industry itself and live streaming. Sad to see not many YouTubers will be presenting this year, but this is the year a major focus on the Internet content creators will thrive. Not just this year, the next four years we will also see an increase in content creators; both live streaming and prerecorded. If this is what you are seeking to do, this is the year to jump on it. Get a community base now and start what you are passionate about.

Until tomorrow we can only wait, for today the attendees will be coming in. The “mini” parties and gatherings of those who know each other will begin. San Antonio will come to life with thousands of excited content creators, gamers, developers, and designers. This is the start of the convention season of 2017. PAX is the biggest name in conventions and the most well-known. While PAX South is the baby of the PAX groups, being that this is the third year it takes place, it is the start of the big shots. As of right now I’ll be attending four-five panels, while at the same time exploring the PAX Expo Hall, meeting up with old and new friends, and attending as many after parties, while enjoying my Birthday I plan to get the most out of my PAX experience while providing you with every detail and need-to-know feature being presented at PAX South.

Honestly, if you have the time, money, and opportunity to go to ANY of the PAX conventions, I highly recommend it. You’ll make friends with people who have the same interests as you and get a look at all of the cool and up-to-date products about to hit our market. This is YOUR opportunity to get the upper hand of your friends by getting to know what’s incoming from within the industry before it is announced officially to the public. You get the inside look. But always remember; have fun, enjoy the time, and make new friends!

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