Command and Conquer Fans: Act of Aggression is Incoming

Westwood Studios helped to define the strategic war genre, it’s how the Command and Conquer series began. The franchise started way back in 1995, allowing you to take command of an army and strategically deploy and arrange units, with the main aim of defeating the opponent. Once Generals 2 was announced, it got many fans excited, however, it became another title that was cancelled. Let’s face it, Act of Aggression looks like a modern day version of a C&C title, and then some.


Act of Aggression will use the same recipe that made the C&C series so successful, it will use the same foundations: resource gathering, battle and strategy. This game is 100 percent eye candy for any true C&C veteran. After all, it’s this type of game that defines a PC gamer, and the need to own a mouse. The mouse is your best tool within a strategy game, especially a strategic game like Act of Aggression. It’s also worth mentioning that Red Alert 3 was a victim of GameSpy server shutdowns, meaning that online gameplay was discontinued – one of the main features of such a game. EA left it up to the community to come up with there own resolution, which you’ll find here – it means you can still play the game online.

EA has failed to deliver with the C&C franchise, let’s just hope that Act of Aggression helps to begin where EA stopped, or left off. You’ve just built a war factory, now you’re imaging how you’ll resource gather, next on the list is how you’ll defend or attack against your enemy – It’s typical Command and Conquer gameplay.

Are you ready? You’ll be the commander, it’s you who will be the decision maker, but it’s your opponent who will be the enemy. Don’t forget to leave your feedback to the developers, you can do this on the their Facebook fan page, or on their blog. After all, this game is shaping up to be amazing. What’s more, it releases soon – expected Sep 2015.

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