Bomberman R Review

    Nintendo Switch seems like the perfect platform to host it’s first launch game, Super Bomberman R. It can be played on a big television or on a portable device and it sticks to the classic Bomberman style of it’s predecessors. The thirty-third in a line of Bomberman classics, the latest one stands true to the game’s original formats. However, it is a little overpriced for what’s included, selling at a whopping $50 a pop.

    The Bomberman franchise has long been considered one of the greatest multiplayer games out there, so launching the comeback of fun-loving robots in Super Bomberman R on the Nintendo Switch was a bold and anticipated move.

    The game, much like its ancestry, revolves around blowing up the destructible areas of the game’s arena in order to find hidden treasures that work as upgrades for the character, all whilst avoiding getting blown up yourself. The Bomberman Bros are on a quest to defeat the evil Emperor Buggler and his dark bombers. It offers around two hours of story, with the occasionally skippable interludes if you’re not that interested and has more than fifty levels of hard-core bombing action. A classic retro scape for the gamer combined with an amusing storyline, diligent bosses, creative game-play and a well received multiplayer format, Super Bomberman R maintains it’s goofy side with gusto. It is quite the throwback and packs in all the most favored qualities of the Bomberman franchise.

    However, on the slightly more disappointing side of things, Super Bomberman R lacks the depth some gamers could hope for. Many are disappointed by the disproportionately high price-tag , especially considering what the game actually offers. A decade ago, the last Bomberman game hit the shelves at around $10 and now they are expecting $50 for what has been considered a pumped up remake of its predecessor. And even that pumped up aspect is lacking. One of the main complaints is the in-game currency format. You are charged in-game currency to continue throughout the fifty levels and that is with few ways to earn that currency to begin with. The simple fact is that Super Bomberman R gives nothing new except obviously improved graphics and some vaguely intriguing story-lines.

    Despite that, it remains a highly addictive game, but if you’ve played it once, you cannot expect $50 of what is basically a remake to give you that much more. The game has shifted to a pseudo-isometric viewpoint, which makes for a slight shift from its predecessor. But largely it just makes for a pretty great multiplayer remake for Bomberman fans. While most will wait for a price-drop, avid fans could consider it a blast worth paying for. The game is lighthearted, fun and has a great artistic quality. The boss fights are also considered a highlight in the game. And most importantly, it offers a wide variation of multiplayer logistics. It can be played solo, two player story co-op and Battle, four player and even eight player mode. These options make for great diversity and are definitely an attribute to contend with. The only real issue with the depth of the multiplayer game is that you can only access limited maps and must, once again, use the pesky in-game credit system to open more.

    The verdict on this game is a hard one to pinpoint. As a game, it is fun, addictive and a great throwback to the Bomberman classics. The multiplayer aspect also does not disappoint in its capabilities and the game has some great game-play with some epic boss battles. On the other hand, the price-tag is a huge downer, putting a lot of people off making the purchase. On top of that, the price also doesn’t live up to the expectation. Running at such a high price compared to it’s predecessors, people expect far more than the game actually offers, creating a lot of disappointment. Overall, it is a great game if you’re an avid Bomberman fan, and even if you’re not too schooled in that department. But the consensus here is to wait for a price drop, so you’re getting your true money’s worth.


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