8 Reasons Why You Should Get The Nintendo Switch

By now the Nintendo Switch is on the minds of people everywhere. The question is should you go ahead and buy one or wait around and see how things go? There are those that will say that buying one of these when they first come out will be a mistake as you should wait and see if any bugs appear, and if they do, then you need to make sure that you get a model that comes out later after all of the bugs have been fixed. However, I provide an argument as to why you need to go out and buy one as soon as you can. There are so many good reasons why this is the case, but for the purposes of this article, we will talk about the top eight reasons. Once you’ve read this article, you will see for yourself if the Nintendo Switch is a worthy investment for you.

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    The first reason is the newest Zelda title. Regardless if you have been a fan of this franchise, or just getting used to the series, you will be blown away by the level of detail that the game has. This might not be enough evidence to convince you to get a switch. Seeing as though the title is able to be purchased on the Wii as well. So, let me tempt you a little more with another reason why this system rocks.

  2. 1-2 Switch is another title that will make the purchase of a Nintendo Switch a popular choice. I had the chance to play this title and I have to say what the Wii did for gaming; the Switch blows that away and takes things to the next level. One of the many games that comes with this title allows you to each take a mini controller and simulate a draw in a gunfight. The narrator will say the word fire, there is a catch though as there will also be a lot of words that may sound like fire, but if you fire too soon or even raise the controller the least little bit, you will be penalized and lose.

  3. If you are a person that is concerned with the amount of time on your battery, then you will be happy to know that the Nintendo Switch has one of the best battery life’s out there. This should make you feel good that it has a better battery life than that of the iPad. That is a statement that really should stand out to a person that is looking to make the decision and might still be on the fence.

  4. The joy-controllers or Joy-cons as they are being referred to are amazing. In the time that I played 1-2 Switch, I did not experience any real issues with the feedback and the controls are placed in a manner that is natural for a person to be able to gain access to them. Unlike some of the controllers I have tested in the past that you had to do yoga just to be able to comfortably use the controller, the joy-controller is a breeze.

  5. I firmly agree that the $299 price is perfect for the value of gaming that you are getting. Some people will say that this price is a little steep, the thing that should be remembered is that you are getting a system that works just as good as a regular console only on the go.

  6. The Vita was a pretty good idea that PlayStation came out and it had a lot of Merit, Nintendo made the concept better. The Switch gives you real portability with your gaming to allow you to play anytime any place. Even the Vita with all its impressive points had limitations as compared to the Switch.

  7. If you were a fan of the SNES, then you will be overly impressed with the virtual console feature that allows you to play some of the classic games that you grew up with or the chance if you are a bit younger to connect with an earlier generation of games that you never knew about. If things hold true and the rumor mill proves to be true, you may even be able to play a number of titles from the Game cube in the future.

  8. The last reason is a true multiplayer system that allows for some of the best head to head gaming that Nintendo has presented in a long while. While other games have presented their attempts at head to head gaming, the Switch takes this from an attempt and makes it more of a reality than ever before. This will be a great thing to have when at a party and looking to create a system that allows them the chance to add a little competition to the mix.

Overall, the Nintendo Switch will be one of the most anticipated releases of sometime and it will be more than worth the effort to go out and purchase one for your use. You will be amazed at the things the switch can do and the world of Nintendo is just getting started.



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Bilal Prince-Ali
Bilal Prince-Ali

is this article ACTUALLY serious!? loool…

Probably one of the stupidest articles ive read aahahah


1-“newest Zelda title.” you can simply get it on wii u 2-“1-2 Switch make the purchase of Switch a popular choice.” nope, the game is garbage and already not popular. 3-“If you are a person that is concerned with the amount of time on your battery, then you will be happy to know that the Nintendo Switch has one of the best battery life’s out there.” still not a valid reason to buy a switch. 4-“Joy-cons as they are being referred to are amazing” subjective at best, many peoples say they are way too small and not comfortable to hold,… Read more »


I hate you fan bytches. I really do lol.

Rupet A.
Rupet A.

I agree with some of the points mentioned in this article. However, the Switch doesn’t have many release games.

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