The Best PS4 Travel Cases

    PS4 travel cases have become big business over the past few years. That’s because, of course, there’s a sizeable demand for them.

    There are plenty of reasons why PS4 owners are shopping for cases to protect their precious, costly console.

    The number one reason, obviously, is to travel with them! Whether you’re taking the PS4 round to the house of a friend who hasn’t got one, bringing it along with you on holiday, or you simply move around a lot, you need something that’s going to reliably protect your console. Alternatively, plenty of people use travel cases to simply house their PS4s in the home, protecting them from the dangers of dust, bangs and scratches.

    Whatever your reasons for buying one, there are a few things you should always be looking for in a PS4 travel case.

    The first, naturally, is protection. Does the travel case have padding and, if so, is it really enough padding? In the worst case scenario, where you drop your PS4 to the ground, will the bag prevent a disaster?

    Secondly, you want plenty of storage space. If you’ve bought the travel case to actually travel, you won’t just be taking the PS4 with you: you’ll be taking controllers, cables, disks, and so on. These all need to be protected, just like your console.

    Thirdly, you want something that’s comfortable. There’s no use buying a travel case that makes your shoulders feel like they’re about to fall off after you’ve walked ten meters.

    Finally – and there’s no shame in this! – there are the aesthetics. How important this is will vary from person to person, but it’s perfectly understandable that you might not simply want something that does the job, but that also looks good while doing it.

    Now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s take a look at four of the best PS4 travel cases on the market right now.

    RDS Industries Inc. Game System Case

    There might not be a consensus on which is the best available PS4 travel case, but this is about as close as it gets.

    Simply put, this offering from RDS Industries ticks every single box. Whilst it looks compact, and the simple design consists of only two compartments, it features an excellent amount of storage. The main compartment can easily store the console and multiple games, and the other has room for two controllers, cables, and a PlayStation Camera.

    Protection certainly isn’t an issue with the RDS Industries Game System Case. There’s plenty of padding around the exterior, which ably protects the console, and there’s mesh on the inside to ensure the safety of your accessories too.

    The case has an understated design, similar to that of a laptop bag, which should appeal to the majority of people. It’s also lightweight enough to carry comfortably for a decent period of time.

    Add it all together, and the Game System Case from RDS Industries is the current frontrunner when it comes to PS4 Travel Cases. It’s currently selling for a shade under $45, which also makes it an extremely cost effective option.

    GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment

    This might be a little out of most people’s price range, but we simply couldn’t resist including it! If you’re looking for a luxury option, then look no further.

    The GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment isn’t just a travel case; it’s an entire, portable entertainment system. That’s because it actually has a 19”, 720p screen built into it. At a moment’s notice you can stop somewhere, pop the bag open, and start playing on your PS4. The interior of the bag also has LED lighting… obviously. What a world we live in!

    The Vanguard does have more practical traveling credentials too. It’s surprisingly lightweight, considering everything that’s inside it, and has plenty of storage room for your controllers and other accessories, as well as the PS4 itself.

    If money is no object, or even if you simply spend a lot of time traveling with your PS4, then the GAEMS Vanguard Personal Gaming Environment is a fantastic, feature-packed option.

    LVL99Gear PS4 Travel Bag

    This bag doesn’t seem to be directly available from the retailer any more, but you can still get it from Amazon stores. We certainly wanted to include it, because it’s one of the most widely-respected PS4 travel cases on the market, and one that’s definitely worth seeking out.

    This is a soft bag, making it comfortable to carry around, but it’s still absolutely covered in padding to protect your PS4. With three separate pockets inside, it’s also extremely versatile: you can put your console in the main pocket, then keep your games and your accessories separated in the other two.

    Add in the fact that it can be carried using the handles or a shoulder strap, and its sleek, minimalist look, and you can see why the LVL99Gear PS4 Travel Bag is a great all-rounder. It’s currently priced at under $30 from the aforementioned third party stores, which makes it phenomenal value for money.

    Hyperkin Polygon “The Rook” Travel Bag

    If your number one concern is simply protecting your PS4, then “The Rook”, from Hyperkin Polygon, is probably the best way to go. I’d urge you to click on the link above, or search for it online, and simply look at the thing; it’s formidable! There’s an excellent amount of padding all over the case, which should protect your console from all but the worst accidents.

    That’s not to say that it doesn’t look good; it actually has a cool, futuristic, imposing aesthetic. It also comes with a 4ft adjustable shoulder strap, allowing you a good amount of flexibility in how you carry the case. Finally, the interior of Hyperkin Polygon’s offering is divided into a large number of different apartments, and is spacious enough to hold six separate disks alongside the console and vital accessories.

    Hyperkin Polygon’s “The Rook” Travel Bag – very reasonably priced at under $40 – is both a sensible and stylish option, making it a purchase for your PS4 which you’re unlikely to regret.

    There you have it: four of the best PS4 travel cases on the market right now, encompassing a range of different budgets. If none of these appeal to you, that’s fine, but please keep our opening advice in mind: you want a case that offers protection first and foremost, has plenty of storage space, and is actually comfortable to travel with.

    Luckily for you, the PS4 travel case market has grown so large now that there are plenty of options out there which tick every box.


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