Best Fun Multiplayer PC Games for a Quick Stress Relief

    While modern video game graphics can be breathtaking, the biggest reason so many people play video games on their PCs is that they are just fun.

    We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to connect with other people and play various games with them from our own homes. Because let’s face it – it’s always better to get mad over a loss with someone rather than by ourselves.

    Of course, some games will take days or months to complete. For instance, starting a Valheim server is a commitment you and your friends make. It can take months before your friends defeat each boss. However, this list is about quick games that won’t require commitment. You can play any time you want without worrying about progress or rankings.

    West Hunt

    This social deduction game has brought quite a refreshing twist to the gaming scene – it is a great multiplayer option for playing with up to 4 people. Buckle up, as the Old West setting will keep you and your friends invested for quite some time. After getting announced, many gamers had high expectations. And overall, the game does not seem to have let down the players. If anything, it gives you exactly what it promises.

    West Hunt is a fun game that can allow you to show your stealth and detective skills. Everyone will get a role: to be the town’s sheriff or an outlaw. If you play the role of the sheriff, you will have to figure out who’s the outlaw and kill them, while the outlaw role relies on making the biggest chaos possible.

    The gameplay offers various types of missions divided into primary and secondary sections. In the first section, the sheriff can get hints on who might be the outlaw, while the second section allows the outlaw to reduce his notoriety. Pretty sweet, isn’t it?

    Thus, if you are an outlaw, you must try your best and blend in with all the other NPCs.


    Overcooked is a fun cooperative cooking simulation game, and because of its simple gameplay, almost anyone can play it. The challenging part of the game is cooperating with your friends and working your way toward creating a broad selection of dishes for your guests.

    The developers from Ghost Town Games released Overcooked in 2016, and the game still stands as one of the most fun franchises ever. You can also play it as a single-player game, but it isn’t as fun as playing with other people.

    The game captures a fast-paced work environment and creates a somewhat stressful experience for gamers, which makes it very fun and intimidating at the same time. If you haven’t tried it out yet, we encourage you and your friends to give it a shot.

    Moving Out

    If you and your friends find Overcooked fun, you should try a game called Moving Out, as it is similar and can also be very entertaining. This same-screen co-op multiplayer game can have you both laughing and stressing out, which makes it a memorable experience for the whole gang.

    The gameplay relies on finding all the right objects and furniture and transferring them to a moving truck. While some objects are easy to find and carry, others can be weirdly shaped and hard to transport, which makes this game a bit challenging. The game controls are simple.

    If you like organizing stuff at home, you can also try Unpacking. It is a single-player game, but a calm way to spend your evening. A Little to the Left is another option that came out more recently.

    No Man’s Sky

    No Man’s Sky is a science-fiction adventure and survival game. This game revolves around exploring different planets and having an interstellar experience through traveling between various planets, stars, and other cosmic objects. While it might require more commitment than other games on this list, it is worth your time.

    Although many people reported bugs when Hello Games released No Man’s Sky in 2016, developers have been working on making it function smoothly and bringing new features to the game. That’s where the coop feature came in handy and made this game not so bad. Now, it offers limited-time Expeditions.

    The cooperative part of the game allows more players to explore the world and grow their game experience together. However, it takes more time to level up while playing the cooperative mode than a single-player mode.

    No Man’s Sky is available on Steam, like most of the games on this list. Thus, visit the store to find them, or go for similar titles. You can also try purchasing games from real people that can gift you the game for a smaller price.

    It might be your location if you notice higher prices on game distribution sites overall. So, connect to a VPN for Windows before purchasing games. Try several server locations and see how game prices change. A Virtual Private Network is a tool that encrypts and reroutes your traffic. The second action changes your virtual location.


    PC games are so much fun! They can even be more fun when you share that excitement with your friends and family. Try out these games and find the ones that will work the best for you and other players.

    It all comes down to which types of games you and your friends enjoy playing detective, stealth, adventure, action, shooters, etc. The more different games you try, the bigger the chance you will find the right ones.

    Also, trying out new games won’t hurt anybody. Therefore, we encourage you to give different games a chance, as you can always uninstall them if you’re unsatisfied.


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