6 Upcoming PSVR Games that Look Amazing

    PSVR is almost here, which is a very exciting prospect. Thanks to the Oculus Rift and PSVR itself, VR gaming is truly about to be mainstream, which means there will soon be more virtual reality games than we know what to do with. Sony has already released some details about a few of the big titles that will be releasing alongside PSVR (in addition to a few titles that will be coming out shortly after), and the following look to deliver exactly what you expect when it comes to VR.

    Ace Combat 7

    Ace Combat 7 vr

    Is there not a better platform for dogfighting than virtual reality? The Ace Combat series has always been known for its careful mix of simulation and arcade gameplay, and PSVR is going to take the experience to the next level like never before. Firing missiles, dodging gunfire and keeping track of your targets will feel more realistic than ever before.

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Gran Turismo Sport (PSVR)
    After flying comes racing when listing “concepts practically MADE for virtual reality,” and Gran Turismo is a fantastic series for Sony to choose in order to do the honors. Pair PSVR with a top of the line racing wheel and it’ll be hard not to get completely immersed in the GT experience.

    Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

    Until Dawn Rush of Blood vr
    The best way to play survival horror games is alone and with the lights off, and if you enjoy the adrenaline rushes that come with being totally immersed in a scary atmosphere, then PSVR and a copy of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood are must-haves. This pseudo-sequel to the original Until Dawn was built from the ground-up with PSVR in mind, and it looks absolutely chilling.

    Robinson: The Journey

    Robinson The Journey vr

    Crytek, the developers who for a very long time were known for putting out some of the best graphics in the videogame world, are working on a game specifically for PSVR entitled Robinson: The Journey… we don’t know a lot about the game yet aside from the fact that it’s visually mind-blowing and that it features dinosaurs, which are unfortunately lacking from a lot of games despite being perfect for the medium. This is undoubtedly one of of the most “must-play” games on VR, as long as it feels as good as it looks.

    100ft Robot Golf

    100 ft. Robot Golf ps vr

    When you want to take a break from running away from dinosaurs, dog-fighting in a multi-million dollar jet or getting the crap scared out of you, there is 100ft Robot Golf, which is exactly what the name suggests. You’ll be playing golf amidst skyscrapers and other giant robots, and your swing definitely has the power to take some of those things down. It’s insane, mindless fun, and who wouldn’t love to take part in that?

    Final Fantasy XIV

    Final Fantasy XIV vr

    MMOs are a very important genre in videogames, especially for gamers who love immersion and role playing. What better way to step into characters shoes than to, well, pretty much literally step into their shoes? The world of the MMO will change when Final Fantasy XIV is released, and it will likely never be the same as far as immersion goes. It won’t be for everybody, but for FF fans or MMO lovers, this is definitely a must-play.

    Summing Up

    With so many different games in a variety of genres, any gaming fan is going to want to keep an eye on the continued development of VR. Whatever PSVR’s price tag ends up being, it’s safe to say that it’s probably going to be worth it thanks to the unique experiences that all of these developers are creating for us. You might want to also read over the list of upcoming PSVR games, which is another interesting read.


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