4 Games on the PS4 You Need to Check Out

    However you purchase your games, whether it be digitally using bitcoin or in your local game store, these are four titles that you’ll want to invest in. 

    So, here are top 4 games to check out on PS4:

    1. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Horizon Zero Dawn is an innovative game that will continue to thrill game lovers into the next decade. People will still recall how gorgeous it is and how smart and funny the main character is. The PS4 game has navigated many hurdles and succeeded commercially under fierce competition from the new Legend of Zelda’ and new Nintendo console games.

    You will experience deep emotions when playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Fears, frustrations, and accomplishments are part of the fun as you engage in the graceful and smart articulation of tact, the game’s narrative focus. You can find yourself laughing loudly at Aloy’s smart quips. Get curious about the amazingly deep lore of the gaming world, the people, religion, and the interesting story arc of the main character. It’s easy to fall in love with the main character and trust her motivation. You’ll actually want her to succeed.

    “Horizon Zero Dawn” stands out among the PS4 games in its category. The giant metal dinosaurs make the gaming experience out of this world.

    2. Bloodborne

    If you’re looking for a PS4 game for the brave souls, Bloodborne is your top choice. In this thrilling game, you are a hunter who takes on a fierce world that strives to consume you. It’s a third-person action game where death is inevitable at any moment. You can only survive and progress to the next level through careful attrition. Just like the action series “Souls,” Bloodborne is an exciting game that requires focus and mastery.

    Bloodborne is an obsession for daring players, but for the faint hearted, it can clearly be a turnoff. It’s a gruesome, extremely challenging game and probably one the best games on PS4.

    3. Marvel’s Spider-Man

    The Spiderman is favorite for many action lovers. You can’t get tired of the high-speed traversal in the Marvels Spider-Man even after hours of playing. It’s fun and fulfilling. If you’ve watched any Spider-Man movies, you definitely understand the swinging moves around Manhattan and all the gorgeous landmarks. It’s nearly the same in the PS4 except that you are in control of the moves.

    The Manhattan where the Spider-Man lives is magnificent; you’ll think it’s the real thing. It doesn’t appear as big or as detailed, but it features all the landmarks you’ll expect.

    If you’re not a NYC resident, you’ll find the in-game map useful as you navigate the Manhattan. It’s actually possible and easy to navigate the Manhattan solely on your knowledge of the streets. What’s more impressive about Spider-Man is that you can tell a story and create a feeling of a costly Marvel superhero movie and you get to play the leading role.

    4. God of War

    If you’ve played the original series of “God of War,” this PlayStation 4 version is quite similar. The third-person adventure game focuses on stylish combat, but when it comes down to the gaming experience, there are significant changes to the characters. For example, Kratos is featured with a son called Atreus he’s taking care of.

    Atreus goes with him the entire journey, which is basically a tale of revenge, grief, and adventure. Kratos’ wife has passed on and her last wish was for her ashes to be released at the highest peak on the land. This subtle refocus changes Kratos into an interesting and complex character.

    He balances between grieving and teaching his young son valuable lessons. He has to deal with the grueling psychological load from his previous existence as a Greek god. All these complexities elevate the God of War from an ordinary impressive action game to a memorable adventure game.


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