Killing Time in Red Dead Redemption 2

    Like many of our readers, we got our hands on Red Dead Redemption 2 as soon as we could. While it is unquestionably just as deep and engaging as we had hoped, there can be a little problem for those of us with busy lives – missions can go on for an unpredictably long time. While the game does have one of the better autosave systems, we like to experience mission stories in one shot. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to spend smaller amounts of time on side-activities, of which RDR2 has plenty of.

    So, what are our favourite side-activities in RDR2? More importantly, which are great for just a few minutes, or a few hours, in the inevitable case that we get lost in the world? Read on to find out!

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    Hunting is one of the earliest activities players are introduced to in RDR2 and is one which maintains its usefulness throughout the entire game. Remember that while riding on your horse is a great way to get a better view down on your prey, horses aren’t especially stealthy, so it’s often best to leave your horse behind.

    Using your binoculars the first time you spot a new type of animal is a must, as it lets you study them from a distance. Studying a type of animal, then viewing the info of each additional one not only lets you know what quality of pelt it offers, but also the weapon and ammo type which should be used to ensure a clean kill. Make sure you aim for the head, whenever possible, to keep the quality high.


    One of the best minigames of all time was the poker in the original RDR, so we’re very happy to see it return in the sequel. While dominoes and blackjack are also available, nothing beats finding a bunch of yokels out in the middle of nowhere to play cards with, in our opinion. Things don’t go your way? Flip the tables and show them how a face-full of bullets feels!

    This does leave us wondering, however, about the potential inclusion of gambling games for the upcoming RDR online. Gambling is a big part of the Red Dead Redemption world, after all, and gambling itself is often loved because of its social aspects. This is hardly a revelation though, as real online casinos have long integrated social aspects – such as live chat – into some of the best live roulette, poker, and blackjack games thanks to advancements in technology.

    Does this mean we will get to sit down and play some of these in an online world, betting our ill-gotten gains against each other in some dirty saloon in the near future? We sure hope so, and we should know when the multiplayer game becomes available sometime in November.


    Just as with GTA 5 before it, RDR2 is full to the brim with random events and discoveries spread across the vast world. This is part of what makes exploration so rewarding, as you never really know what to expect. Sure, you can go out riding as far and wide as you can, picking your path every step of the way, but the cinematic view mode comes with a feature of which few are aware.

    While on a path in this viewing mode, and moving towards a placed or mission checkpoint, Morgan will automatically guide his horse without the need for turning from the player. Just be sure to pay attention, as you will still pass by random events, and some of these will inevitably include violent confrontations.

    So, what are your favourite ways to kill a little time in the west, and what Bigfoot-type rumour are you trying to start which will encourage myth-hunters for years to come?


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