3 Best VPN services for Gamers in 2018

    The video game industry is changing as more mergers, technical innovations and a shift towards mobile gaming is being witnessed. The most important change is the expanding demographics of gamers as more and more people are playing games.

    If you are a gamer, then you should use VPNs for playing your games in order to enjoy greater privacy.

    Below are the three best VPN services that have a high reputation for quality, security, and privacy.

    1- ExpressVPN

    ExpressVPN was named as Editor’s Choice by TechRadar in 2018. It offers 145 locations across 94 countries. The company is based in the British Virgin Islands.

    They offer many web-based tutorials that familiarize users with their services, and they are easily understandable for everyone.

    Main Features

    With the help of its smart DNS, you can easily bypass the geo-restriction. The smart DNS is used for geo-spoofing your location so that you can access certain services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer etc. which are not available everywhere.

    By using this smart DNS, you are less likely to be blocked by certain services who ban VPN users. And as encryption is not necessary, therefore it is very fast saving you from all the nuisance of long buffering. You can even use it with your smart TVs or game consoles which normally don’t run VPN software.

    Additionally, its stealth servers make it possible for you to play online with a modified console. The stealth servers of ExpressVPN are very useful especially in places like mainland China.

    However, it should also be said that nothing can be guaranteed when a strong government such as China works in opposition to such services.


    In order to preserve your privacy, ExpressVPN collects very little information. They only keep logs in aggregate form, meaning the collected information are not be associated with IP addresses of users and are used only for troubleshooting purposes.

    The company is based in the British Virgin Islands. Though the Virgin Islands are part of the British overseas territory, still they regulate their own internal affairs. Even then as it comes under the jurisdiction of the UK government, the pressure on the Virgin Islands’ businesses and the government can’t be wholly discounted. Therefore, the situation is not ideal but it is the best for now.

    2- NordVPN

    NordVPN is one of the best VPN services for gamers based in Panama. The country is hardly a tech hub, even then its products are beating its competition very well. Additionally, there are no mandatory data retention laws in Panama.

    This VPN service allows up to six connections simultaneously. It has special servers for you to engage in P2P activities. It offers desktop applications for macOS and Windows plus for iOS and Android.

    Main Features

    Using a smart DNS is the best way to spoof your location. This way you get access to so many geo-restricted contents and websites on the internet. Without the smart DNS, you will be missing out on so many internet perks that are only available in some countries.

    You won’t need to go through any extra configuration procedures as the smart DNS will run on your NordVPN app. Through this amazing VPN, you can access more than 150 streaming services such as Netflix, Cartoon Network etc.

    While NordVPN also offer the double VPN which is quite a unique feature of the VPN service. Through the double VPN, your data will be directed to a first server and then will be redirected to another server in order to enable double encryption. It is a perfect fit for those people who require utmost privacy and need their information to remain very confidential.

    3- CyberGhost VPN

    CyberGhost VPN provides its services to more than 10 million of its users. It is based in Bucharest, Romania and has more than a thousand servers across thirty countries.

    Installing the VPN is very easy. No registration is required, not even your email address to download the VPN. Additionally, their interface is very simple and efficient, and almost anyone can figure things out on his own.


    The company claims to collect only a small amount of information that in no way can compromise your privacy. They don’t collect information regarding the IP addresses or communication contents or the accessed websites.

    Not any personal information is stored. They even use resellers in order to keep your payment data separate and the email addresses that are stored will not be linked to the user IDs of the customers.

    The video games industry is expanding as more and more people are playing games. Just within a month of its release, the latest video game God of War has sold more than 5 million copies. In order to better protect your data and avoid ISP throttling, you should definitely use a very good VPN.


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