2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Review

    There’s something to be said about the concept of releasing stand-alone, tournament-based sports games like “2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil”.  On the one hand you could easily say that the fully annualized editions are flagrantly superior, but you’d be missing out on the character that a game like this offers you.  One could just as easily argue that titles like FIFA 14 are so massive and filled with options that it’s often tough to know where to start.  Likewise, if you’re after a title that accurately captures the spirit of a particular event, what better way to accomplish that than with a specialized title devoted to it, eh?  That’s essentially what 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is – a focused football title that allows you to experience the impending international sports event for yourself, in a virtual way, of course.

    2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil game

    Perhaps most noticeably, the game is only available on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, making it something of a special “gift” for 7th generation console owners.  This fact alone probably nets the game low marks in a lot of gamer’s books, particularly those who are already emotionally invested in the PS4 / XB1.  Nevertheless, 2014 FIFA: WCB isn’t exactly challenging FIFA 14’s dominance here, neither is the game quite as impressive as its next-gen counterparts.  Don’t get the wrong idea though; it’s still a rather brilliant game that adds a number of improvements to the mix for 360 and PS3 gamers.

    Fans of the series will love how they have added additional animations, refined dribbling and subtly increased passing accuracy.  Mind you, these improvements are rather understated, but still very much appreciated.  They’ve even taken the time to refine such elements as fan celebrations, including those taking place remotely in a team’s country of origin.  While this might seem to be largely cosmetic, it actually adds a very agreeable flavor or character to the gameplay which makes the whole game feel a bit more alive.  Some have even commented that 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is a much more offensively active title, opening the door to some aggressively fun, if a bit unrealistic play.  In other words, there seems to be increased emphasis on scoring here, which isn’t a bad thing at all.


    If you’re wondering if all the teams are included, not to worry each and every one of the 203 qualified teams for the upcoming world cup even in Brazil are found here in this title.  Even the colorful menus and music pay tribute to the event in characteristic fashion.  For most gamers, this might end up being a game that many will find to be much more accessible than a full release, if not readily more playable as well.


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