10 Reasons Why the XBOX One is a Great Console

    Looking at the recently revealed sales figures of current 8th generation consoles, it’s clear that the PlayStation 4 is the most popular choice out there with 10 million units sold vs. Xbox One’s 5 million. However, does this really mean we can so easily dismiss the One altogether?! Of course not, the truth is the One is an amazing machine in its own right, replete with all sorts of perks which add to its overall appeal. In fact, it’s sort of foolish to think that only one type or brand of console could totally satisfy every gamer out there. In other words, the One was definitely made for certain gamers and the truth is that they’re ultimately going to be happier and better served by purchasing Microsoft’s machine over Sony’s. So, without further ado, here are 10 great reasons why the Xbox One is a solid buy…

    XBOX One

    Specific games

    It should come as no surprise that there are certain games which are only available for play on the One, certainly no realistic gamer would overlook this blatant fact. As such, many of these same titles are often enough of a draw to entice many to pick up Microsoft’s flagship model gaming system. Specifically, we’re talking about games like:

    As well as the following titles which are tentative:

    xbox one sunset overdrive
    Let’s not leave out Microsoft-specific games like Titanfall or Dead Rising 3 either, even though they are not One exclusives. Naturally, assuming that you want to play these types of games in as advanced an environment as possible (with the best graphics and whatnot), certainly you’ll not be disappointed with the abilities of the XB1.

    EA access

    As their motto says “play more games for less”, having EA access isn’t a bad thing at all. Moreover, we must also realize that Electronic Arts is a company that has widely dominated the AAA video game market, so there’s definitely an incentive to get specific reward from them.   Also, since they’re pairing up with the goal of bringing incentives to Xbox One gamers specifically, those with a Microsoft console stand to make some definitive gains.

    Xbox live as a one-stop platform for all your entertainment needs

    Additionally, just like you’d expect, the One really is a sort of “one-stop platform for all your entertainment needs”. Whether it’s gaming, watching movies, tapping into numerous amazing apps or something else, certainly this is a console which could easily replace two or more machines that currently reside in your entertainment center. In fact, many people that see themselves as die-hard Microsoft users, perhaps mainly sticking to PC’s, tend to pick one up to use as a streaming portal, thinking that they can also utilize it for gaming, should the mood strike them. The choice is up to you, really.

    The price is lowering

    One of the biggest barriers between consumers and the Xbox One has been its price. The slightly elevated cost of the One vs. the PS4 has certainly caused more than one person to veer away from MS. All that is changing come November 2nd though, as the One will carry a price of $349. This comes in addition to all the other enticing One bundles which have been released which you’ve no doubt caught wind of by now.

    It’s plenty powerful enough (to compete with anything out there)

    Ok, you know what, let’s just go ahead and say it… Anyone that tries to claim that the Xbox One isn’t a powerful console, or that somehow it severely lags behind the PS4 in terms of performance is a fool. Yes, tests have shown the Sony’s machine edges out Microsoft’s, but not by that much to be honest. In fact, unless you’re a complete graphics addict who likes to count colors and polygons with a microscope, you’re not going to even notice the difference. The current games crop shines brightly on the One, running very smoothly.

    Controller battery life

    An obvious area where the One takes the cake however, is in its controller battery life. Simply put, the One is much friendlier here, not only lasting longer for extended play sessions but also affording the ability to plop some AA batteries in and keep on going.

    Speaking of which…Television programming

    Even though we live in the internet age now, where most people live on Youtube, Netflix and alternative news, many people still crave good old-fashioned television programming. If that sounds like you then the One is an obvious buy because you can actually plug a cable box up to the console.

    Resume games quickly

    While promises have been made all around about new systems which allow a person to stop playing suddenly and then, after turning the console back on, quickly resume playing as if nothing had happened…only the One has really nailed it. Seriously, it allows you to hit the ground running like never before, streamlining your entire gaming experience.

    The way it handles Twitch

    Both the PS4 as well as the Xbox One have Twitch integration, but lots of people seem to think that the app snapping abilities of Microsoft’s console are much better than that of the competition. Sure, it might not be too important an issue for some, but for those who are always on Twitch, it certainly makes a difference in the long run.

    Updates seem to take place more often

    It’s virtually impossible to create a console that’s perfect from the start. Simply put, there are too many things to consider, too many groups and companies to align…the logistics are staggering. Likewise, you must also consider what people actually want, which is sounds like an easy thing to do until you give it a shot for yourself. Say what you will about Microsoft and the Xbox One team, but they have made it a point to provide regular updates on a near monthly basis, which means the console is on track to work better over the long-term, perhaps.


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