• Virtua Tennis 4 Review

    Reviewing tennis games can be pretty tough since there is not much that has changed during the past couple of years or so. However, Virtua Tennis 4 has come up with some interesting developments. Let us see what these are. Virtua Tennis is more of an arcade style game when compared to another tennis game like the Top Spin, which is more of a traditional variety. Virtua Tennis 4 remains true to the earlier versions. It is more focused on delivering exciting tennis action than talking about statistics and other features. Virtua Tennis 4 is a very good game to play. It is equipped with excellent controls and great animations.  The game is played at different progression levels, with each…

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  • SOCOM: Special Forces Review

    Today, there is a wide variety of third person shooters to choose from. These video game formats range from the really good ones to the absolutely dire ones. Currently, the third person shooter world is taken over by the Gears of War franchise. SOCOM: Special Forces is a new challenger to enter the fray. SOCOM has been around for quite sometime now, and the Special Forces is the fourth in the series. These games have been generally good and consistent. According to the developers, the fourth edition offers an all new experience by using a Play Station Move as a controller and a 32 person online multiplayer mode. Let us find out how this game works. When you start the…

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  • Rango the Video Game

    Does Rango the Video Game do the Movie Justice? Despite the fact that Rango the Video Game has a simplicity geared more toward children and it can be cleared in about five hours, it’s still one certainly worth playing. The game already had a lot to live up to before it was even released when gamers were told that Johnny Depp would still be the voice of Rango like in the movie and that Behavior Interactive worked closely with Industrial Light and Magic from the film throughout the game’s creation. Although it is often hard to measure up to high expectations, Rango the Video Game delivers fun with minimal flaws. Storyline If you are familiar with the movie, you will…

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  • Bulletstorm Review

    Is Bulletstorm Just Another Foul-Mouthed Shooter Game? While Bulletstormmay be deemed obscene and even vulgar in nature, it’s also a welcome breath of fresh air.  If you are looking for a unique shooting game that can add humor while allowing you to cause a little mayhem, this is it!  Bulletstorm is intelligent, creative, exploding with personality and it offers fathoms of depth.  What could be better than a game that allows you to kill in like 100 different ways and offers a spectacular narration? Storyline While you may assume this game is nothing more than F-bombs, middle fingers and a whole lot of massive weapons, you actually are gifted a story underneath it all!  The creators stepped outside the box…

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