Why I Ditched the XBOX 360 for a PS4

The XBOX 360 was, and is, iconic for so many reasons. It’s the first console, in my opinion, that gave us true multiplayer and online functionalities. It became the obvious choice for those who wanted the best ‘connected’ experience. Then came along the beginning of 8th gen gaming…

Then came the big question: XBOX One or PS4?

As an XBOX 360 gamer, I thought that it would become an easy choice, after all, both consoles would be evenly placed, right? Wrong! The choice became somewhat harder after seeing the 2013 announcements. After all, the PS4 looked better in more ways than one. It was better looking, more powerful, and cheaper at the time. The only thing hanging me back was my online community that I had made using XBOX Live. However, the PS4 was so impressive that I took the dive.

7th Gen - 8th Gen

The PS4 is more Powerful

Why are you constantly finding the PS4 achieve 1080p gameplay and the XBOX One not? It’s all to do with the power of the console combined with the game development. The fact is, you’ll find more 1080p titles on the PS4.

Sony are pumping out more exclusives than Microsoft

This was my risk. One area that Microsoft should have come out strong was in regards to exclusives. However, you’ll find less on the XBOX One than the PS4. Then comes the question, it’s not about the amount, it’s about the quality – which is true. Sony’s PS4 exclusives have a larger average Metacritic score than those of the XBOX One.

The XBOX One is oversized

If you’ve got a console that is more powerful than the other, then its size and appearance are more-or-less irrelevant. But, that’s not the case here. The XBOX One isn’t just less powerful, but it’s bigger, and a lot bigger. To add salt to injury, it also comes with a power brick, too.

Other Reasons…

As an XBOX 360 gamer, the Red Ring of Death was a major issue, I went through 3 XBOX 360’s. Whilst the XBOX One hasn’t had the same issue, my faith in reliability was severely tainted with the XBOX brand. Yet, the better online experience the XBOX 360 provided was the reason I continued with the console – the PS3 wasn’t in the same league.

The risk I took: would Sony bring a great online experience to the PS4? After all, it’s something that helped make the XBOX 360 such a good seller and a brilliant console. The fact is, the PS4 does a fantastic job with online gameplay, and whilst I wouldn’t say it’s better than the XBOX One, it’s definitely on-par.

My decision became obvious after E3 2013 – the PS4 was the clear winner on many scales. Was I worried that Microsoft would have an amazing line-up of exclusives? Absolutely! Has this happened? No.

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