What We Need in WWE 2K24

    It has been almost half a year since the release of WWE 2K23, and due to the fact that it is an annual game that is releasing almost every year, it is a good way to start talking about the potential improvements of the sequel to this revamped series.

    WWE 2K22 was a game that changed up quite a lot when it comes to wrestling games. It introduced a lot of new systems with counters, blocks, breakers, and combos. It played a lot differently to the previous iterations in the series, and WWE 2K23 continued this trend with quite good reviews. WWE 2K24 will follow these steps so what exactly needs changing, and what do we need in the upcoming WWE wrestling game? Let’s see!

    New Mini-Games

    A recent AEW Fight Forever game proved that some silly nonsense in a video game is a good thing. They included a lot of mini games in their title, and they broke up the gameplay quite well. It’s like packing a lot of small inside a bigger one, so we could have something similar here. Instead of catching casino chips we could have some online casino games to play, like a wrestler’s themed roulette or a slot machine with wrestler’s logos, or even a quiz game where you would need to guess wrestlers by their moves or nicknames. The possibilities here are endless.

    New and Revamped Universe Mode

    The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to improvements that the series desperately needs is the brand-new and revamped WWE Universe Mode. It was a great idea at first, but it hasn’t changed for years. There were minor tweaks here and there, however, it did not change much, and the mode has been stalled for a while now. A complete overhaul would do wonders for this part of the game. Building it from the ground up, allowing players much more freedom, maybe a storyline creator.

    The developers included glimpses of that with the new rivalries system, with some ways to set up interactions on the shows but it still feels wonky and not organic. Perhaps an expansion of that system would allow you to create custom plots and storylines for your wrestlers, and then create segments like a show. Something similar in a way to MyGM but without a budget, just more story-focused than management-focused.

    You would be able to book a show, with a certain number of storylines with promos, call outs, video packages throughout and then play the show from start to finish. There could be some choices inside the mode, like you can side with one person or betray another, so it would feel organic and natural.

    Expanded MyGM Mode

    Speaking of MyGM mode, we could see a lot of improvements there. The mode plays really well, and it had some quality-of-life improvements in the last game, but we could see this expanded even further. The roster we have always consisted of around 18-20 players, so a stacked mode where we manage like 7 matches and have a much larger budget and wrestlers available could be something cool.

    Another great addition to the mode would be some multi-man iconic matches like Royal Rumble or Money in the Bank. We only have matches for up to four players and no way of crowning some tournament winners or Royal Rumble winners. Being able to more freely book shows would be something good that would make the replay ability of the mode even better.

    More Match Types

    The things that many players have wanted for years are match types. We got the famous War Games match added last game, but it was the only match type added in the past few years. We are still lacking some wonky classic WWE stipulations like the buried alive match, an inferno match, or some newer additions like the fight pit or Viking rules match. We could see that area of the game expanded upon greatly, or even some kind of create-a-match option (much more extensive than what we currently have).

    Changed My Career Mode

    Not much here, apart from that we have seen the current Career Mode for a couple of years now from like WWE 2K17 and something fresh and new, or similar to the old modes would be a nice change of pace. A good improvement would be just the free roam option and interacting with various stars backstage. Being able to prepare for the upcoming show, train at the gym or hang out with cafeteria sounds just fun.

    Custom Creations Improvements

    To finish off our list of improvements we want to touch on Custom Creations. The first things are new ‘create-a’ modes. Creating a finisher would be a great addition and create a story – another idea returning from the past that could mix things up for the game. In addition, we would love to see a greatly expanded custom creations storage. With cross-platform community creations, we see some amazing new additions to the game created by resolute creators, and we feel like 100 slots is just not enough.

    An even bigger issue is the custom image limit at 1000 slots. We see that only about 400-500 MB of 1GB free space is taken, when we cannot download custom creations due to the lack of image slots. Just make the creations limit at 200, image limit at 10 000 and allocated space bump up to 2GB and we have a lot more freedom to what we download.


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