What is so special about the Pokémon Games developed by GBA?

    ‘Gotta catch ‘em all!’- the story of how it began

    Pokémon, a Japanese video game that branched out to comics, toys and animated series, today is known worldwide. Many of us are firmly attached to Pokémon as a long well-thought storey that pans out beautifully. It is enjoyed through all ages and maintains this status quo well. 

    This game produced different versions of the same, and with each version, the one thing that remains the same is the authenticity of the game. In a sense, the game has endured its original care toward it, and the games feel so wholeheartedly. Gamers show the same dedication to the so-called “Pocket Monsters” with each new version as with the old one. 

    Looking back at the beginning of the Pokémon era-

    Pokémon historically dates back to more than two decades back when first released in 1997. To this date, they remain to be the blockbusters in the video gaming industry. That is not an easy feat to achieve, and Pokémon has done it through all these years. Its storyline is simple to follow and builds upon great adventures that we only feel lucky to be a part of while playing. Numerically, there are more than 500 Pokémon, and they never fail to amaze us as the gamer. 

    The GBA Pokémon will always hold a special place because they stand out in a crowd of new advanced and depicted “Pokémon” that do not look so much as the original from GBA. The phrases that befit this is “old school”. All of the original Pokémon are adorned and held in a special memory for all those who experienced it. Interestingly the names of the Pokémon hold close similarity to the actual name of animals.

     It breeds love for animals and nature to nurture them. This is an inherent value the game furnishes to the audience. The way elders tell us about their “olden-golden days”, and all we can do is hear and see the sparkle in their faces. 

    They light up talking about these days and do so with many interesting facts that you can never be bored. Similarly, the “old-school Pokémon” have their charm and will light us up whenever we play them again.  

    Here is what the game covers-

    The game follows the story of a 12-year old, an age filled with wonder, energy and need to attain tangible success. This boy goes through his life collecting Pokémon and competing in different matches around town. This story draws out not only children but also adults. 

    From daily life hustles, delving into this story gives relief. The game allows people to find and catch new Pokémon while maintaining a budding friendship with the older collected ones. Not only Pokémon, but more people are introduced as we go along in the game. 

    Some are friends; some are a foe. As an adult, there are many distractions we tend to turn to distract ourselves from our ever-busy lives. Often these distractions seem to harm us in the long run; however, it is games like these that come to our rescue. Turning on the Pokémon world gives us a new identity where we have our Pokémon who are loyal to us and help us win accolades. 

    The game garnered so much praise that it was turned into not only a series but also to movies. These series and movies are watched and re-watched with the same level of enthusiasm that the games are played. They have managed to attach the audience into the world of Pokémon through the digital screen, and it has paid tremendously well. 

    Like traditions passed down, these series are watched all over again by a new generation while the old generation reminisces. The series fared better than the movie, and the reason could have been following the world of Pokémon is not an easy task. The series did so meticulously and intentionally kept it simple and humorous enough to attract audiences all over. 

    GBA Pokemon powered through ahead, and here’s how- 

    Now, the gba roms game connects up all of this into an interesting gaming experience. It has the Pokémon spread all over, it follows up with the story in adventurous ways, and it poses challenges in mysterious manners that keep the gamer engaged for more and hooked onto the game. When we connect GBAs with cable, enables us to trade Pokémon with other friends. And, like a cherry on top, it allows us to have a Pokémon fight with other friends. In contemporary times, this is done through WiFi or LAN cable. This multiplayer ability during the initial years of the 21st century made the game hold a unique value. This unique value has been strong enough to last decades. 


    The world of Pokémon could be looked at as a world of humans where each one has their ability and power. Some might win more than others, but in the end, it is all the Pokémon’s together that make it whole than only the winning teams. 

    The game is full of challenges and hurdles that need to be crossed, reminding us of our life when things get too messy or out of control. The game requires fighting with trainers and winning gym battles much like life where we all need a little extra guidance and help get over the impending doom. In the game, a player cannot along survive meaning the player would have to go around and get familiarized with the world of Pokémon and the other players. 

    The way in the human world, we need a circle of our family and friends to survive and make it through till the end. Finally, the game encourages everyone to have a wide variety of Pokémons; some might be all too powerful while some might be just enough or barely good to fight. But this variety of Pokémon collections needs to be present. 

    Amazingly, this imparts that we, as humans, have wide-ranging abilities that include both good ones and bad ones. They make up us humans as whole and true. Pokémon as a game is one of the best inventions and blessings for the world, and we need to cherish it to our best. 


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