Tekken 7 welcomes a new character to the roster

    Since Season 3 has been released, we’ve been lots of new goodies, like three new characters, Ganryu, Zafina and Leroy Smith, some nice additions to Practice Mode which will help intermediate players further learn the technical stuff of each character of the roster and more, and now, we welcome to the roster a new addition, Fahkumram.

    Since Tekken 7‘s release, the community has been demanding a specific character to be added, Bruce Irvin, a Muay Thai fighter, that has been around since the second installment of the series, which was immediately received positively by the majority of the community. Now, while we didn’t get Bruce himself, we got a very close representation of him, Fahkumram, a Muay Thai fighter who has the ability to be empowered by lightning, with one of the best character backstories in Tekken 7 so far. His appearance seems generic for a fighting game, his voice though sounds interesting (compared to the rest of the roster), but his voice lines.. (I’m sorry, Bandai Namco, I have to) his voice lines are absolutely terrible and as generic as they could be. Moving on to his moveset, we can clearly see a lot of identical moves with those that Bruce had (because of the fighting style they have in common), although Fahkumram has something different in store.

    Fahkumram, while being a mix-up monster, also has a lot of guardbreak moves, but fortunately (I think), they are locked behind a “hold button” barrier, else if they weren’t and they were just regular moves that could guardbreak.. I don’t want to even think about it. His ragedrive seems pretty interesting and flashy, can be used as a combo ender (and hits like a truck) and his rage art which has an impressive range, hits mid. Getting into his technical stuff, his framedata is quite good for almost every move he has in his arsenal. Lots of safe moves on block, strings, cancels and great damage overall. All of this information leads to the conclusion that Fahkumram is a pretty monstrous pick and an intimidating pressence when against him.


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