Video Game Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

    The world of gaming is full of mystery, and why shouldn’t it be. Mystery, as an entity, is a big part of video games, as many titles sell solely on the suspense that they generate.

    Many of these mysteries could just be there due to a glitch or to tease gamers and have a little fun. Sometimes, these are planned by developers, and sometimes they just end up being there naturally. However, some of these mysteries still remain unsolved to this day.

    Do not believe us? Check out this piece on a few mysteries in the gaming world that have still remained unsolved.

    Pokemon: What Does Diglett Look Like Under the Ground?

    There are many Pokemon whose designs have always intrigued the Pokemon gaming community, however, no one has stunned gamers for as long as Diglett has. The question that has always stumped video gamers is, what is Diglett hiding under the ground?

    Is Diglett a grotesque monster? Does he have a muscular body? Or is he just a simple mole hiding under the ground with a small cuddly body? Anyone who has played Pokemon has wondered about this at least once, yet the question remains unanswered.

    GTA V: Ratman

    Players that wander the sewers and tunnels of Los Santos have often gotten a strange surprise. Many of them have discovered a creature that looks like a humanoid rat, and was unique since it hadn’t appeared in the game before.

    They dubbed it Ratman as it looked like a rat and could run incredibly fast. This creature wasn’t included in any mission or side quest, therefore it was only seen by those who sought it out.

    Whilst there isn’t any clear footage showing-casing this hybrid creature, it remains a rumor. However, there does appear to be captured footage of strange creatures lurking down in the sewers of Los Santos. Scary, right? Be sure to head down there to see if you come across some of these eerie creatures.

    GTA V: Aliens

    One of the game’s greatest mysteries revolves around the UFO’s seen hovering above San Andreas. These extra terrestrial saucers can’t be shot down or entered, and seem to serve no meaningful purpose. All they do is hover in the sky.

    GTA V: Blaine County Motel

    The Blaine County Motel in GTA V is a strange place. Housing a large number of bombs and drug addicts, however, there is more than meets the eye.

    Wandering through its few open rooms will greet players with a series of strange sounds such as knocking, scratching and a baby’s cries. It’s easy to write off the place as haunted, but the real question is what really happened at the Blaine County Motel? I guess we’ll never find out.

    GTA V: All-seeing eye symbol (Illuminati)

    Those who follow conspiracy theories are sure to be somewhat suspicious when it comes to the symbols scattered around the world of Grand Theft Auto V.  This symbol, known as ‘the all-seeing eye’, is often greeted with controversy. For example, the US dollar banknote contained the symbol and was later removed. Are Rockstar simply trying to fuel drama and excitement, or do they know something the masses don’t? I’ll let you be the judge of that. Until such times, this mystery remains unsolved.

    Dishonored: The Outsider

    Much mystery surrounds the roots of the Outsider. ‘Who is he?’, ‘Where is he from?’, and ‘What does want?’ are just some of the questions regarding this character that have remained unanswered to this day.

    He is one of the most powerful characters in the game with some amazing powers, such as the ability to send a horde of filthy rats to kill your enemies.

    Debate rages across Reddit as to whether he is good or evil, an avenging angel comes to enforce justice, or a trickster god who enjoys the mayhem caused by his interference.

    Fallout: Mysterious Stranger

    No one seems to know about this mysterious stranger. Why does he intervene in situations he has no stake in? It is known that at times during fights, this man would just suddenly appear and take an enemy out with just a single hit!

    It’s also known that he is not a figment of your character’s imagination as another character known as “Valentine” also recognized his presence. We have no idea where he comes from and why, but when he does, he does in the form of a guardian angel so most of us do not seem to be complaining.

    Urban Strike: Twin Towers

    By far the worst terrorist incident on American soil, the shocking events that unfolded on September the 11th, 2001 hit the world by storm. Whilst there are many unanswered questions surrounding the event, many believe the incident had more to it than the narrative told to the public. What’s more, it isn’t hard to find movies that appeared to believe such an event would take place well before it actually did, supposedly providing clues. Urban Strike, released in 1994, captures in shocking and exact detail the position and size of the hit to the towers within gameplay. Of course, logic at the time would suggest that the twin towers would certainly be an easy target due to their size. However, others might believe that the developers somehow knew that a future event was ready to be played out. What are your thoughts on this mystery?

    Half Life: G Man

    G Man from Half Life seems to have a questionable motive. Appearing at the most opportune or inopportune moments, G Man has had a profound influence on the events of Half Life; even saving your life at different occasions.

    Everything from his formal dressing, face and speech pattern to his ability to seemingly appear at will to hotspots around the game makes him one of the most enigmatic characters in the video game history.

    Polybius: Mind Control

    Going back to such times when arcade machines were the best way to experience a video game, there is one arcade machine that stands out most – that’s if it even existed.

    According to reports, Polybius was responsible for causing a variety of strange mental effects on those who used the machine. These included night terrors, flash backs, amnesia and other bizarre behaviors. However, there isn’t any official evidence proving that such a game existed. With that said, there are many reports from people who categorically claim they were the victims of a real mind-game. It was even witnessed in an episode of The Simpsons.

    Of course, many believe Polybius was planted into a very low number of US. based arcade game chains. It is believed to have been some kind of trial tested out by the CIA on random gamers. You only need to read about MK Ultra to partially believe that this could be true. What do you think?

    The Elder Scrolls: Bug in a Jar

    Now you’ve probably encountered this item yourself as it is seen quite often. It may be found in a shack or a cave, but whenever it does, it will be found in a jar. However, there’s a different rune on the jar every time the jar appears.

    It has remained one of the most enduring mysteries of Skyrim for a long time as nobody knows what the bug collection means. According to some people, they point to the apocalypse. The cleansing of the world from all human life. There are several fan theories on how to cause this apocalypse to occur. However, till now this mystery remains unsolved.


    Video game mysteries always help to make a game juicier. Just like movies, many clues and mysteries are found in video games. Do you have any stories to share on this subject? Head down to the comment section below, we’d love to hear about them.


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