Top Accessories for the XBOX One

    It could easily be argued that the need to accessorize is even greater with video gaming than it is in fashion.  Sure, the average modern day console (such as the Xbox One or PlayStation 4) is definitely jam-packed with basically all the goodies you need to pick up and start playing right away, often right out of the box, but give it enough time and you’ll discover than you’re in need of some critical piece of hardware.  In turn, this addition might be something which simply increases your overall enjoyment or even better, serves to fundamentally improve functionality in one or more ways.  Regardless of why you’re after some accessories for your One, you probably need to concentrate on the basics first, right?  Here is a handy list of the top add-ons you can grab for your shiny new Microsoft console, presented in no particular order…

    DreamGEAR Xbox One Dual Charging Dock

    DreamGEAR Xbox One Dual Charging DockLet’s face it, using wireless controllers can often be a completely lousy experience for those who aren’t well prepared and organized.  Perhaps one of the best and most immediately sensible (as well as gratifying) investments you can make is the purchase of a charging dock for your One controllers.  As it turns out, DreamGEAR (a well-known after market company that has something to offer for every situation and console) actually makes a nifty dual charging dock that’s compatible with the Xbox One which everybody should check out, especially if they’re prone to running out of juice all the time (which can absolutely destroy a perfectly good gaming session’s pacing, etc.)  All you need to remember is to stick them on it after you’re done and you’ll definitely be good to go the next time you sit down to play.  At the same time, you can opt to always have an extra seated on the dock so that when one runs out you can instantaneously switch over to a fresh controller……ah, efficiency.

    Nyko Smart Clip

    Nyko Smart Clip
    Perhaps one of the absolute best and cheapest additions to your Xbox One arsenal however comes from Nyko.  Dubbed the “Smart Clip”, it is basically a tiny device which allows you to attach a handheld device like a smartphone to the controller.  While this might seem odd at first, especially if you’ve yet to investigate just how compatible a lot of devices are with the XB One, you’ll find that having another touchscreen directly at a finger’s reach to be incredibly useful for a variety of reasons.  First off, you might be using it as a second screen to display walkthroughs or other wiki screens, which is very useful for more extensive open world titles which tend to possess an encyclopedic array of things to study as well as hidden quests and items.  At the same time, if you’re a very social individual having a phone accessible at all times will prevent disturbances in play sessions as well as missed calls / texts.

    PDP Kinect TV Mount

    PDP Kinect TV Mount - Xbox One

    Given that the Kinect system comes standard with the One it only makes sense to purchase something which is designed to fasten it to your television set in lieu of it hanging around willy nilly.  Quite simply, this TV mount from PDP does exactly that – it secures the Kinect box to the top of any flatscreen in a quick, safe and secure manner.  Needless to say, if you own a large HDTV, do the right thing and pick one of these up.  You can find them pretty much anywhere (both in stores and online), but it’s probably a lot cheaper to order directly from the manufacturer if at all possible.

    Polk Audio 4Shot Headset

    Polk Audio 4Shot Headset

    While there’s certainly nothing wrong with picking up a licensed headset directly from Microsoft (yes, they’re well made and certainly up to snuff), but one definitely shouldn’t overlook the 4Shot from Polk Audio.   To make a long story short, this headset looks sleek, reproduces game sounds and music very faithfully while at the same time managing to incorporate a virtually hidden near-field microphone.  It actually plugs directly into your controller too, meaning that you don’t need to worry about additional power concerns or finding some charger or batteries for it.  However, without a doubt, the main selling point of this particular headset is definitely its sound quality, which is able to offer levels of immersion which are altogether unheard of in most similar models.  Moreover, it actually comes with an adapter which allows you to easily get everything hooked up, so there’s no need to worry about connection problems or purchasing additional pieces.

    Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold

    Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership CardFor the player who absolutely loves multiplayer action online, nothing less than a year-long gold membership for Xbox Live will suffice.  What’s nice about being a gold member, aside from ability to endlessly engage in one ruthless competition or co-operative experience after another, is that it also grants you access to monthly game downloads.  That’s right, with gold you actually get free titles on the first and 15th of each month, so with one year-long membership you’re actually receiving standard access plus no less than 24 games.  Additionally, Microsoft now allows one gold plan to be extended over to anyone in a household, which again, is incredibly useful if everyone loves video gaming.

    Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition

    Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia EditionHere’s an addition for the person who loves driving / racing titles, the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition.  Needless to say, this slightly pricey controller is not only very realistic in the way it feels and handles on the virtual highways, but it also looks extremely slick and even remains sturdy enough to stand up to loads of hours of punishment.  Many people often complain that a lot of home racing wheel packages aren’t built strong enough to withstand the onslaught they’re often put through.  At the same time, having components which are merely flopping around everywhere means that you can’t really concentrate on the racing itself.  the TX racing wheel is pretty much a complete solution in this regard, as every component looks the part and responds well to actual in game use.  Furthermore, the action of the wheel is controlled with an actual motor, not just a spring or bungee cord, which means even more precise steering than your typical offering.


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