Top 5 Indie Adventure Fantasy Games Of All Time

    Independent games, or Indie games, used to be neglected back in the days. However, since the human world is evolving each day, especially in tech, Indie games have caught sight of numerous players today.

    Unlike the AAA games, which require a large team and lots of costs, the Indie games are created by individuals or small groups without publishers’ monetary or technical support.

    In this article, you’ll find the top 5 Indie Adventure Fantasy games of all time that you can play all night long!

    Realm of the Tempest

    Realm of the Tempest – free fantasy adventure RPG is an ever-growing game set in the unearthly dream world developed by Bramble Gate Studios. With a stack of techniques and strategies, you’ll love going through its artistic ventures for a rewarding gameplay experience.

    You’ll explore worlds to an unending extent while fondly experiencing speedrunning, battles, racing with friends, and much more. You can play it any time you wish since it’s absolutely free. New adventures and battles await you!

    Bastion By Warner Bros

    A rather interesting Indie Adventure Fantasy game that lets you travel beautiful forests and meadows. You’ll be followed by a responsive narrator as you discover places. It plays calm background music along with displaying high-quality graphics and beautiful hand-painted environment sets.

    With each advancement, you’ll unlock new weapons, and you’ll have to fight battles to defeat beasts. As you’ll keep playing, you’ll enter new battles and discover combat styles that your player never had before, like adrenaline-fueling combat, for making battles more interesting!

    Genshin Impact

    It is an awesome indie RPG game that is developed by a Chinese indie developer, miHoYo. It is more like an adventure game in a fantasy world called Teyvat that belongs to different nations. Each nation has its god that has control over everything.

    In this fantasy structure game, you play as a traveler to find your twin sibling lost somewhere in this world of gods. You’ll need to contact and meet the gods to find your sibling in this wide world. For this purpose, you’ll travel a lot in this game and can control four characters at a time by opening the world in a party.

    Gone Home

    It’s a very cool narrative-driven game that uses more tactual nature of the videogame medium. The Gone Home video game is an interactive fantasy adventure-based game that makes you wander through a house and discover the inhabitant’s lives.

    The players face walking simulators, and the most critical part of this game is the messages you have to unlock by interacting with objects. It also gives you a spooky feeling!

    13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

    Developed by the Indie team Vanillaware, this game is about thirteen high school students from Japan. It is an adventure fantasy game with a concept of wars, and the players have to join a combat system in real-time.

    The players are first forced into war; you have to get your way out and consult with your friends or talk to other people to advance the narrative. Characters can use sentinels to fight off the Kaiju enemy. It has an analysis mode feature that lets you examine surroundings, pretty cool, huh!

    Final Thoughts

    Get yourself one of these/All of these games now and enjoy playing with your friends or individually; you won’t be disappointed!


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