Top 5 Best Royal Battle Games 2019 Update

    The royal battle is one of the most popular types of game played by the players, because the goal is to make a maximum of “kill” without being killed, and to keep as long as possible in the game.

    We will talk about some big hits games such as PUBG or Fortnite , but we will also discover some nuggets of royal battle that are worth seeing.

    1 – ROBLOX “MOD”

    the battle royale mod we know it does not exist on Roblox for a simple copyright reason but there is a MOD called Island Royale . It imitates the game of Epic Games in all aspects that this platform allows, starting with the launch of parachutes on the island or shop from which to buy different items for the game.

    In this way, two of the most successful games intersect. On one side, Fortnite, which has become an immense mass phenomenon with thousands of players all over the planet (and yet, the version for Android still does not exist) and that, starting from a free game mode to play, he has managed to become the most profitable game of recent years. On the other hand, Roblox, the platform where users can create their own games easily and that, beyond the original titles, there are several that have been created from others that existed before ( as in the case of Pokémon GO, for example). Its success was based on the simplicity of its mechanism and an inspired aesthetic on Minecraft that, although it is rudimentary, it gets a lot of followers.

    However, the main difference between the two is that, while Fortnite is a more directed game , because you have to accomplish the various challenges and missions it offers, Roblox is much more flexible: if you want to invent a game, you There will be no limit to the style or purpose of the game. Both are two of the most representative examples of what the video game world has become in its final years.
    one thing to notice is that in order to enjoy this roblox mod , you need some robux , which is the in-game currency .
    good news is that you can always use a Robux Generator to fix that problem.

    2 – Fortnite: Battle Royale

    First released on PC then Mac, Fortnite is available on iOS smartphones recently, still under development on Android it should be available by summer 2018 . This is most definitely the most popular game in the royal battle category . The rules of the game are simple. You have the choice between solo or team mode . At the beginning of the game, you are on a plane, you eject when you want.

    Once arrived on the ground, you will have to find as quickly as possible weapons , of which to cure you in case of wounds and a hiding place to defend you , from there, it is of the everyone for either, the goal is to kill all your enemies, and to be the last survivor , the game stops when there is only one active player left. If you die you do not return to the end and the party stops for you. You then have the choice between continuing the game in viewer mode or leaving it to integrate another.

    The beauty of Fortnite is being able to use the elements of your environment . Indeed, thanks to a pickaxe, you will be able to destroy the trees and the buildings that you will cross, in order to recover the materials and to be able to make your own constructions . also having some v bucks can make the game much more fun .

    3 – Rules of Survival

    Rules of survival is a pure battle of royal battle , just like Fortnite At the beginning of the game you are parachuted from a plane , and land on earth with a parachute . You then have 2 goals, the first is to find one or more weapons to defend you. All weapons are not equal, some are more powerful than others. The goal of the game, as for each of Royal Battle, is to be the last player standing, the game ends when only one player remains. You can not destroy or interact with the scenery, but you can use vehicles available to you such as cars.

    You can play solo or in a team . The Royal Battle Game is regularly updated and brings new content. Some games can be played up to 300 players.


    If in the Fortnite Royal Battle Game is the most popular game, PUBG MOBILE is right behind. Also very popular, he brilliantly takes the concept of the royal battle . It’s a mix between Fortnite and rules of survivability . Same principle as these, you are propelled from an airplane and must quickly find weapons and protection , the goal will be to be the last survivor . The latter is distinguished by graphics and characters more realistic than its counterparts.

    It takes the best of both games , you can destroy your environment to recover materials , and create your own constructions , but also board the vehicles available . The game claims more than 10 million active players besides China.

    5 – Pixel’s Unkown Battle Grounds

    To end this top beauty, a game a little more fun, it is a pixel art version of PUBG , if the game is more fun , it is nonetheless serious. The principle is always the same and you must be the last survivor , you are parachuted from a plane and must find weapons as quickly as possible and recover materials and health equipment . You will also have the opportunity to drive the cars available.


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