Tomodachi Life: How To Create a Perfect Mii Personality

    Tomodachi Life, famously called Tomodachi Collection: New Life in Japan and Friend Gathering Apartment in South Korea is one of the most famous life simulation video games out there. This Nintendo’s creation came out in 2013, yet is still very popular among people of all ages.

    A healthy serving of this game revolves around personalities created in the game. The personality you create decides how the game goes for you. Called Mii in the game, it interacts with others in the game and hence you need to be careful when designing your personality.

    The personality mechanism in the game is not very easy to comprehend, however how the end result would be is pretty hard to predict.

    Understanding Personalities

    Your personality will have different traits based on how you create it. It might be friendly or make enemies easily. It might even fall in love or just sit around shyly.

    The game offers you a total of sixteen personalities to choose from. You first pick one out of these, and then you rate five different traits to give a final shape to your personality.

    These traits include:

    Speech: The scale for this trait goes from ‘Polite to Direct’. The more polite the character, the more shy it would be. The more direct you choose your character to be, the more expressive it will be and may even be rude or blunt at times.

    Movement: The scale for this trait goes from ‘Slow to Quick’. This trait decides how fast or lazy your personality is. If you choose slow, the person would be lazy and not move a lot.

    Expressiveness: The scale for this trait goes from ‘Flat to Vary’. If you choose flat, the personality would be boring and never express true feeling, on the other hand if you choose vary then your personality would speak his or her heart out.

    Overall: The scale for this trait goes from ‘Quirky to Normal’. This is more like an x-factor, and you can play a lot with this one trait.

    Attitude: The scale for this trait goes from ‘Serious to Relax’. If your personality is serious, he or she would not be joking around and may sit with a scowl. On the other hand, if the personality is very relaxed, he or she would easily make friends and mingle with others.

    One cannot exactly predict how a personality will act. For example, if your personality is very expressive but with an attitude, the behavior would be different if you change attitude to relax. The former might be stringent, whereas the latter might come across flirtatious.

    The effect one trait has on other is huge, which is why you can never be sure of how your personality would react in the game.

    This is also one of the best things about this game, as it is very close to the real world and there are no black or white personalities. The personalities are mostly gray. Let’s have a look at the sixteen personalities offered in the game.

    Easygoing Daydreamer

    Miis with this personality are basically idealist and tend to ignore realities of life. They just roam around waiting for that one perfect moment or life, which sadly may never occur.

    2. Easygoing Optimistic

    These people are very positive and expect the best outcome. They can also be seen spreading positivity to others by talking to them about good things in life.

    3. Easygoing Buddie

    These personality types will do anything for friendship and consider nothing to be more important than relationships.

    4. Easygoing Softie

    These people are very emotional and can take decisions by heart. They are often considered emotional fools, but are very caring and love to be friendly towards everyone.

    5. Outgoing Trendsetter

    These are the rockstars of the game and are well aware of how cool they are. They are very confident and are in the habit of making an impression.

    6. Outgoing Entertainer

    These people love to entertain others and oozes a certain aura. Everyone around them takes notice of what they can do.

    7. Outgoing Charmer

    These people are very energetic and can impress anyone with their charm. They also have a lot of friends.

    8. Outgoing Leader

    These people have the ability to lead as they can take good decisions even when the environment is very difficult.

    9. Independent Free Spirit

    These personality types are carefree and do not care for what others have to say. They do what they feel like going without caring for rules or society.

    10. Independent Artist

    These people are highly motivated and are also well aware of their creative side. Due to this they look at everything from the perspective of an artist.

    11. Independent Lonewolf

    These personality types like to work on their own and do not enjoy being in company of others. They are very comfortable within their skin and are not social at all.

    12. Independent Thinker

    These are the people who like to think a lot before they reach a decision. They do not only think about their own lives, but others as well.

    13. Confident Designer

    These people are very confident and have a solution to every problem. They do not get stuck and always have a way out.

    14. Confident Brainic

    These personality types have amazing brains and tonnes of knowledge on almost all topics. They also use their mind to find solutions to problems.

    15. Confident Adventurer

    These people are highly focused and love to try new things, even if others are not in favour of their ideas.

    16. Confident Go-getter

    These personality types are people will achieve what they wish to achieve at any cost.

    You can create one of these sixteen personality types by playing with traits. Furthermore, if you like to build a Mii Personality, then you might also like to check out cartoon myself online and this free tool for avatar creator. Have fun!


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