The Switch and Why you Should Buy It

March 3rd is quickly approaching and with that date we have the highly-anticipated launch of the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo has done it again and gotten our hopes up with a new system, while some scream, “Stop, Nintendo! Stop!” I’m screaming, “Go Nintendo, GO!” After being one of the first persons to actually hold this system and play some of it at PAX, I am extremely excited for March 3rd. Here are some of the many reasons why you should buy yourself a Nintendo Switch on release day.

First, the Switch has many amazing games releasing in Q1 and Q2. Most importantly, two games featured at PAX are being released for the Switch on release day. Obviously, we have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but we also have Bomberman being released as well. I can’t wait to get my hands on these games. We also have the release of Rime and Skyrim to get prepared for. The list of the games for the first year of the Switch is massive and exciting.

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The second reason is that the Switch contains two features from the old systems, the Wii and the Wii U, and contains new features that make it unique. The Switch still uses motion control like its predecessors and also works like the Wii U gamepad, so Nintendo was wise and brought back what Nintendo fans were comfortable with, but what makes the Switch stand out is that it is compact. The Joy-con remotes are attachable to the pad and controller, so you can play on screen and off. The system itself is travel friendly and can fit in your carryon. So now you don’t have to save your game, wait a week, and pick it back up.

Thirdly, the possibilities are endless, God willing, you and your friends buy this system. Now you can have a Nintendo Switch party playing multiplayer games in your house, but you don’t have to share your system. Your friend just has to bring his and they all connect to each other. Now we don’t have to wait our turns to play the “winner”, we just have to bring our systems and we can all play together. It’s a brilliant concept that until now was unimaginable.

Nintendo has been on an endless rollercoaster since the release of their company in 1889. Nintendo was on an upward slope with a few dips here and there, but really began to suffer by the time the GameCube was launched. The GameCube was brilliant in design, but poorly placed in time, after the GameCube and the introduction of the Wii, Nintendo was on an upward slope once more. But like most companies, Nintendo wanted to stay in the “Home System War”, so they launched the Wii U, which had hurt them severely.

Now I’ll be honest, I bought a Wii U a few years ago, when the price had dropped for Christmas. Not much is different from the Wii, just the gamepad and that’s about it. If it was possible the Gamepad should have just connected to the old system and their sales may have remained the same or improved. So why am I giving you a history lesson on Nintendo’s roller coaster history? Because, we are about to see Nintendo get back in the “Home System War” and approach a spiking incline.

This system is exactly what the hype is about, we aren’t getting any wonky and confusing gadgets, this system is straightforward. I honestly can’t wait for launch, I’m not trading anything in for it because I still play with my Wii U, and the only negative part of the Switch is that it won’t be backwards compatible. So, all my Wii U games I still play will need a system to play them. Honestly, not being backwards compatible isn’t the end of the world. Now I’m going to pre-order the Switch and a game or two, and I highly suggest you do too.

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