The Seven Types of Games Every Gamer Should Know

    The games in the 21st century has gone to a whole different level. The technological advances have been revolutionary in last 4-5 years. There are things that even last decade gamers couldn’t imagine will be possible this soon.  The games today ae loaded with action and there are a lot of choices that you can play with. There are a lot of games that doesn’t really fit in one genre because they have it all. Like the football can be termed as a sports game but some other person can argue that it is a simulation game. But here that isn’t the point of this article, we shall provide you some information that will help you understand the various genre better.


    The simulation games are about cars, tanks, ships, aircrafts and real word vehicles. In short, the game in which you control the movement and focus more on moving them rather than other stuff is a simulation game. These games can also be used to train professionals as well. Most of the pilots are trained using airplane simulators in the beginning.

    Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

    These games involve a lot of thinking and you need to build up your inventory items, armies and lot of other things. The real time games are so much better as they involve momentary thinking. People can play with each other and make best use of these.

    The casinos

    These games involve real money and from enjoying some favorite games. These are the replicas of the world wide casino fame. The players can play for free as well as play with the real money online.

    First Person shooters (FPS)

    The game is viewed through your eyes and it is really fascinating. These helps you to really get into them. Its like you are actually in the battlefield but you can’t see yourself in the game. The whole experience is throughout the game is your eyes.

    Action Games

    These are really fast paced games which involve a lot of action. It tests your reflexes to the extreme. In these games you fight with your enemies by choosing a character of your choice. They take hours to complete, sometimes they involve some really fascinating stories that are so much fun to play.

    Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO)

    These are my personal favorite, played over a Lan (local area network) or with the use of internet. The players can make their own virtual networks and even virtual game rooms. The best part is the fact that you can play with your friend next door and even all around the globe. This makes this genre so much interesting.


    These are the best games for enhancing your thinking capabilities. Those people who love solving puzzles have so much appeal for them. Such games are really light and don’t take a lot of space. Now with technology they have become more advanced and hence more interesting.


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