The Easiest Ways To Get Spins On Coin Master

If you’re a fan of mobile gaming, you’ve no doubt experienced the joy that is Coin Master. You can get this game entirely for free (though it does contain in-app purchases) on Android and iOS, so if you haven’t played it already then you have no excuse not to try it out and get stuck in. Coin Master revolves around the two dual mechanics of battling and slot-spinning; you spin to get loot, then use that loot to launch attacks. It’s an addictive mixture and it’s easy to see why the game is so popular.

If you have played Coin Master, you might well be wondering what the easiest ways are to get spins in the game. After all, spins are the lifeblood of Coin Master; they’re how you progress in the game, and they’re one of the most important core mechanics. The short answer is that you need to simply play the game in order to get spins, but there are more interesting ways to do it than that. Here’s our guide on the easiest ways for you to get spins in Coin Master. 

What is Coin Master? 

First, explaining Coin Master seems like a pretty good way to start. In Coin Master, you must establish yourself as the most powerful “coin master” there is. You can choose from a number of clans including hippies, pirates, and Vikings. You must spin slots to gain loot, then once you’ve completed a spin and have your gear, you can go forth and attack your friends (or enemies) and their villages. In so doing, you can earn (or pillage) even more loot, thus raising your coin total and your mastery even further.

Why do I want more spins? 

This is a good question, and it can be answered thus: because you want to win, right? If you’re playing Coin Master and you don’t want to get more spins, then you’re probably playing the wrong game. Spins are how you get all the best gear – you can steal it from your friends’ villages too, but spins are a solid, risk-free way to get even better equipment, cash, and power-ups. To put it simply, if you’re playing Coin Master, you definitely want more spins.

Okay – how can I get more spins? 

Well, therein lies the rub. There are several ways to get yourself more spins in Coin Master. We’ll go into how you can do it from the game itself in just a moment, but before we do, there’s a better way to get Coin Master spins for free. The site we linked contains some great tips and tricks to get yourself more spins while expending minimal effort in order to do so. You can also just play the game in a straightforward way to get yourself spins.

What can I do in-game to get spins? 

The first method is simply playing the game. Through playing every day, you’ll get a certain amount of spins to use on the game. This doesn’t require you to do anything unusual or out of the ordinary; all you need to do is log in to the game each day and you’ll be gifted a certain amount of free spins. Not bad, eh? You can then, of course, use those spins to get yourself gear, currency, or whatever else it is you need for playing Coin Master.

Is there another method? 

Yes, thankfully, there is another method for getting free spins in Coin Master. If you connect the game to your Facebook account, you’ll automatically be granted 50 free spins. Don’t worry – there’s nothing pernicious at play here. All the game wants is to be linked up to your social media. It won’t post without your permission, so you have nothing to fear from linking the two together. Just head into the game’s Settings menu and link it to your Facebook account for some free spins.

Anything I should look out for? 

Yes, there is. There are many disreputable websites out there (not the one we linked, of course) which will promise you unlimited free Coin Master spins. You should look out for these sites, because some of them aren’t quite what they appear to be. Instead of granting you free spins, they might end up with you getting an account ban, or worse, some of your money stolen. If you want to make sure you’re not getting scammed, be sure to do your research on which Coin Master site you’re using.


This is our guide on how to get free Coin Master spins. If you’ve never played the game before, now is a great time to start; it’s addictive, enjoyable, and colourful. We guarantee you’ll be spending way more time on it than you initially intended to once you start having fun, and that’s when this free spin guide will come in handy! Best of luck for playing Coin Master, and we’ll see you on the fields of battle.

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