Did it ever happen to you to get hungry while watching others prepare delicious food in TV shows or movies? We are sure that when you see those carefully chosen ingredients that always look like a carefully curated Instagram photo, you can’t help yourself. Going to the fridge is the logical next destination.

    Or here’s another fun and creative direction – cooking a 5-star meal and becoming a master chef. In this alternate reality, you can prepare exotic food in a fancy restaurant, and you won’t even have to deal with washing the dishes. Okay. There might be some activities that will make your cooking experience challenging, but you’ll probably get new recipe ideas and improve your multitasking. To help you become the next Jaime Oliver, here are ten cooking games that feel just as good as roasted meat served with crispy potatoes.

    6. Minecraft

    You might find this choice a bit odd, but the food is what keeps your character going, what gives him life. Minecraft will force you to repeat many tasks and steps until you reach the point of creating something entertaining. Cooking in Minecraft is very similar to real life, and it includes finding and identifying the benefits of each type of food. It will remind you which ingredients are good with you and how to enhance them while cooking. As a bonus, it might remind you how to put more thought into meal preparation and make it less mechanical. 

    5. Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition

    We like to mix it up and bring an element of suspense, even when it comes to cooking. If you love foreign, surprising, and exotic ingredients, you might like this survival game where you need to gather resources to stay alive. You’ll get all the tools to survive, but zero guidance on how to use them. Therefore, besides exploring and learning how to survive in this cruel, dark world, you’ll also have to know how to cook and preserve your food.

    4. Overcooked

    Cooking is always more fun when you share it with someone. Playing Overcooked, you can share the experience with a friend or a partner while you enjoy this chaotic couch co-op game. With this one, you will really get to be a chef, feel all the tension as you rush to prepare all the orders before you lose the customers. But there’s a twist! Prepare for a challenging task of not making one mistake because cooking it’s what will save the Onion Kingdom from danger. Get ready to cook your way up through unusual and bizarre kitchens and become the ultimate chef!

    3. Stardew Valley

    If you have a soft spot for those stories about starting anew when the main character has to rebuild their life with limited resources, give a shot to this one. In this simple gameplay, you are the inheritor of an old farm plot in Stardew Valley that your grandfather left you. But your new life won’t be easy. You’ll have to learn how to use the tools that are given to you, and to recognize the opportunities in the town that used to be vibrant and lively. To do so, you will have to grow crops, raise animals, and work with what you have to make useful machines.

    2. Overcooked! 2

    You can never have enough of a tasty, hot pizza, and it’s the same with Overcooked! and the Onion Kingdom. The game is inviting you to go back and save the world from a new evil force in the form of undead loaves of bread. In return, you’ll enjoy crazy culinary action where each level is unique and with a different theme. As usual, the goal is to prepare as many orders as possible before the clock runs out. But as the tension rises, you and your team have to prepare raw ingredients, chop, cook, bake, or grill them. Thus, there’s no time for mistakes, broken dishes, or burnt meals.

    1. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2

    Here’s the most intense and visually stunning sim cooking experience that will give you complete control over your restaurant. Your journey starts as an ordinary day of opening a platinum star restaurant, thanks to you and your impressive chef skills. But the arrival of police will break the peace, making a day that started just like any other, a day you won’t forget. As a plot twist, SherriSoda Tower executives are involved in some shady issues, and as a consequence, Cook, Serve, Delicious restaurant is closing. But unstoppable as you are, you are determined to continue your passion and open a restaurant that you’ll have to build from scratch.


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