Participating In Your First Professional Esports Competition? Here’s A Friendly Word Of Advice.


    With your first professional gaming competition coming up, you might get jitters that can cause all your training and skills to go down the drain. Thankfully, here are ten tips you can follow to make the tournament a fond memory for yourself. Keep them in mind and equip yourself with the best equipment, like a razer gaming laptop and you’re good to go!

    Stop hesitating

    Chances are, you’re probably at multiple tournament sites right now searching for the right competition to sign up for. Well, stop hesitating! Register for that competition now.

    Whether its fear, uncertainty, or doubt that is stopping you, let’s analyze each of these in hopes that it will tear down that stop sign.

    Yes, the environment of competition might be ten times more foreign and intimidating than a casual game at home. But, this fear is invalid if you trust that others don’t pay as much attention to you than you give yourself credit for. As far as they know, you’re simply a new face in the game.

    If you’re scared of screwing up, think from a different perspective. Your competitors are likely just as scared of messing up as you are. Additionally, your first competition is probably a local one, ruling out the probability of your mistakes being publicly displayed to millions all around the world.

    Uncertainty is only natural when one doesn’t know what the future holds. Don’t let this natural phenomenon consume you. Rise above it and handle it like a pro. After all, part of being a competitive athlete means having to face unforeseen and unmanageable challenges head-on. Mastering this skill takes time and plenty of practice. However, one can never say one is a true athlete if one freezes in the face of the unknown.

    If doubt is holding you back and making you believe that you’re any less than ready, the best way to overcome it is to stop those unhelpful thoughts and simply go for it. People who fail to do so often continue being stuck for years.

    That said, the right dose of doubt simultaneously equips an athlete with self-assurance and care. As long as you have expected the unexpected and have put in the effort to prep yourself for that, don’t let doubt take control any longer.

    Continue doing what you’ve always done

    Stick to the schedule you’ve always had. Small changes should be harmless. Avoid, however, practicing double time and resting half the time you did as these significant changes will only mess up your flow on D-day.

    Manage your expectations

    As a new player, you should be aiming to register and turn up for the competition. Whatever happens after that should be an opportunity for you to learn as much as you can. Winning should not be everything for you. At this stage, you should be aiming to acquire as much knowledge as you can from fellow players and socialize if possible. It is also valuable to learn some pre-competition routines from more experienced players while you’re at it.

    Set a timetable for practice

    Although this might involve making significant changes, it is not contradicting tip no. 2. For instance, you might’ve been practicing late at night. Your tournament, however, begins early in the morning. The wise move is to reschedule your practice timing to adjust yourself to that of the competition.

    Fundamental to setting up a schedule is prioritizing skills and strategies that require more work. This way, you know that your preparation is focused while avoiding unnecessary major changes.

    Preparation for the culmination

    Speaking of timetables, making a plan that leads to your eventual peak during competition day is a vital skill as well. As an esports athlete, balancing your game time and break time is crucial for preventing burnout. Once you know the best time for practice and how to pace yourself, all that’s left is to pen down a plan and you should be good to go. Keep practicing your planning skills for future competitions and you can thank me later.

    Be mentally prepared

    Much like taking an exam, you don’t want to show up late with butterflies in your stomach and a forehead full of sweat. You can try making a trip down to the competition venue at least once before the actual day so you know what to expect. Ask the competition organizers things like the expected audience turnout and console-setup. Get these minor things out of the way so that they don’t come as a surprise on the competition day.

    Follow all the rules

    Make sure you already know the rules and follow them to a tee. Some rules at an esports competition might include the banning of hats, in-game chats, and taunting. Sometimes, mobile phones are confiscated as well. Don’t make a fool of yourself by being a rule-breaker in your debut tournament just because you didn’t know better.

    Get moral support

    Knowing that you have a friend or family in the crowd supporting you can do wonders for calming your nerves and focusing your energy back on the competition when it gets overwhelming. It’s even better if your company can act as a manager and inform you of the details of your next match so that it’s not too much for you to handle. Of course, be sure to repay the debt by taking them out for a drink after that.

    Bring refreshments and avoid overconsuming caffeine

    Since you won’t know what refreshments are served during the competition (and you don’t want to annoy the organizers by asking for this minor piece of information), your safest option is to bring your snacks. The last thing you want is for an unexpected tummyache right in the middle of your game.

    Whether it’s during the competition or on a normal day, avoid consuming too many caffeinated drinks. There’s a magic number of caffeinated drinks. If you haven’t found yours, start by experimenting with a cup of coffee one hour before the busiest time.

    Relax and enjoy the process

    You probably won’t be an overnight success, giving out autographs on your debut tournament. Instead, all your energy should be focused on learning and immersing yourself in this refreshing experience. Take your first gaming tournament as practice for future ones so you break the barrier of uncertainty. In time to come, your preparation for these competitions will only improve.


    If the competitive atmosphere is your thing, competing at a gaming tournament will be up your alley. After the competition is over, it might be so memorable that you waste no time at all registering for your next tournament. Remember to take photos as well so you don’t forget how your debut tournament went.


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