The Best Upcoming PC Games of 2016

    With many great releases, 2015 has whizzed by leaving with us some memorable game releases. With that said, this year is set to be even bigger. This article takes a look at what will hopefully turn out to be massive titles for PC gamers. Are you ready for more entertainment, action, adventure, creativity and mayhem? If your answer to this question was yes, then please prepare to read on.

    Planet Coaster

    Planet Coaster
    Available exclusively on PC with a release date of Q4 2016.

    This game is for those who love to explore their creativity within the realms of a business-sim. I’m sure you’ll remember the original Rollercoaster Tycoon series by Chris Sawyer. However, no game has managed to exceed the boundaries set by that elite franchise, and whilst we’ve seen a few attempts, fans are fully aware that nothing has really come close. Taking things in a more positive direction, it appears as though 2016 is the year when all of this will change. In fact, from what we’ve seen, Planet Coaster seems hard to criticise – it really does look amazing in every single department. From the vast amount of tools allowing you to sculpt and alter the environments, to building the most thrilling rides and rollercoasters you might possibly imagine. The business elements are also looking to bring in many challenges for players, giving the game more of a purpose than for just the creative type. Let’s hope that Planet Coaster stays on the tracks, pun intended, and is the start of a stunning new franchise.


    Hitman 47

    Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with a release date of 11 March 2016.

    It’s a franchise which has established itself as one of the best stealth-action adventure series available. The journey may have started over 17 years ago, but this new release will be the next attempt to bring success to the series. This time around the story is based around an agent named simply as 47. In fact, if you’ve seen the movie, then you’ll already understand the basics, and this will be clear. Two key ingredients to gameplay include the blend of creativity and strategy – allowing you to utilise the perfect assassination. For those who are somewhat familiar with the series, you’ll be pleased to read that using dress code to fool people is still an available feature. For example, use a police officer’s outfit in order to prevent obvious suspicions. Your main goal is to complete each scenario with the maximum performance rating. However, your score will be calculated by assessing things such as innocent people accidently killed, CCTV captures, and precision. I’m sure you get the jist here – it’s typical Hitman gameplay along with awesome new features. Ultimately, Hitman is set to delve into great depth for fans of the stealth action genre, delivering another huge hit, yes, pun intended.

    Rollercoaster Tycoon World

    Rollercoaster Tycoon World

    Available exclusively on PC, Linux and Mac with a release date of Q2 2016.

    Funny, isn’t it? You’d never had imagined a while back that 2016 would be the year when two big franchises would battle it out over the rollercoaster business-sim genre. However, that’s exactly what’s happening this year. As mentioned above, Planet Coaster is more-or-less has the same elements. The key question is: which will come out on top? The makers of RCT World have had to delay the game due to fan feedback. Far from looking like a disappointment, this game should be a real challenge. You’ll be able to create your dream theme park, building ridiculously sized rollercoasters whilst also planting trees, plants and more. Of course, the beta didn’t get outstanding feedback, but that’s generally down to the fact that many were treating it as a final product – something it’s far from. It seems fair to say that this release could be treated either as a new beginning or the nail in the coffin, and that’s dependant on just how good the final release is received by fans.

    XCOM 2


    Available on PC, OS X and Linux with a release date of February 5, 2016

    It seems fair to say that PC gamers are more likely to be a fan of the turn-based tactical genre, and that’s because the technology and a typical setup is simply more appropriate. With that mentioned, you’ll be pleased to read that XCOM 2 is expected to release next month. Advancing 20 years on from the developments left from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, this sequel will bring a new and exciting scenario. The year is now 2035 and things have changed dramatically, the coin has flipped, and that’s because XCOM has become the invading force. Exposing the evil plans created by the aliens is what will help to save humanity – and this goal invites stealth-like tactics.

    Mafia III

    Mafia III
    Available on  PC, OS X, PS4 and XBOX One with a release date of Q3 2016.

    There come many advantages from open-world games, and that’s one key element to Mafia III. The main controllable character named, Lincoln Clay, whom is a veteran from the Vietnam War, is on a mission to find those who killed his friends. The action takes place in 1968, New Orleans, an age and location perfect for open-world action. Packed full of exploration, action and story development, Lincoln is ready to give you a glimpse of just how chaotic things were back in mobster ridden 1968. Not sure about you, but Mafia III looks to bring to the table something exciting and fresh within this genre. After all, it looks stunning, let’s just hope Rockstar’s elite open-world title is soon to get a serious rival.


    hellblade 1

    Available on PC and PS4 with a release date of Q2 2016.

    Sony aren’t just ready to supply PS4 gamers with, what looks to be an awesome title, but PC gamers will also be able to enjoy the experience, too. I think the word experience is actually key here, and that’s because the developers want to take you into a world of psychosis. Sound a little crazy? It sure isn’t your typical type of game, but perhaps that’s why it sounds so different. The gameplay will follow a character named Senua, whom suffers from mental illness, allowing players to follow her hellish journey. What makes this project even more intriguing is the fact that the developer has worked with Paul Fletcher, a Psychiatrist and Professor of Health and Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge. In addition to this, the team have also gathered valuable information from people who suffer from mental health conditions. Doesn’t it just sound like the type of game which would combine perfectly with VR? Pure speculation, but maybe it’s this factor which could help to dictate the release date.

    The developers seem very passionate about this game, suggesting that it should be used not only for enjoyment, but as an education, too. After all, it might be hard to imagine what it could possibly be like for those suffering from mental conditions, and a video game can be a great way to illustrate this, all within a way that a book or video couldn’t. If you like something a little different, then this is one to look ahead to.

    I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ve got plenty to look forward to here. It also seems worth mentioning that you might also be interested in checking out the big upcoming 2016 game releases, which include console platforms, too. Feel free to leave your most anticipated games in the comments below.


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