The Best of E3 2019

With E3 having come to a close for yet another year, we’ve taken a look back at some of the best titles that were shown off at this year’s expo. These are the titles we think look the most interesting, the most fun, and that stood out among the rest of the announcements! In no particular order, here are our top ten games shown off at E3 2019.

Roller Champions

Roller Derby meets Rocket League in this colourful sports title from Ubisoft! With simple gameplay and stylish mechanics, Roller Champions looks set to take the E-Sports scene by storm. The objective is simple: get the ball around the track as many times as you can before attempting to throw it through the hoop. The more laps with the ball, the more points scored but progress is lost if the opposing team gains possession at any point. As straightforward as it sounds, Roller Champions is as fun to watch as it is to play. The sense of achievement when a goal is scored will keep players and spectators alike coming back for more again and again. We’re ready to get our skates on in early 2020 when Roller Champions releases for PC!

Doom Eternal

A demon slayer’s work is just never done, is it? And thank god otherwise we wouldn’t have more kick-ass weapons, grapple-hooking action and gore splattered graphics in the shape of a new Doom game. The addition of the ‘Meat-Hook’ to Doom Guy’s arsenal makes for some ultra-violent kills as you hurtle towards enemies and run them through. This instalment is releasing on every platform and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Want to kill some monsters on the morning commute? Doom Eternal for Nintendo Switch. Want to hack some demons up at your desk? Doom Eternal for PC. Want to earn those trophies and achievements? Doom eternal on PS4 and Xbox One. Get ready to take out your anger in what promises to be the most metal game of our time when Doom eternal releases November 22nd this year.

GhostWire: Tokyo

This eerie title, despite being introduced by one of the sweetest, most adorable employees Bethesda has to offer, looks as though it could haunt us for a while after we’ve played it. Coming from the same studio that brought us The Evil Within games, we’re confident that GhostWire: Tokyo will chill us to the bone. Creative director Ikumi Nakamura assured that, while it is a horror game, this is not a survival horror game and is more of an exploration game. We can’t speak for everyone but exploring the haunted streets of Tokyo while trying to save the city from a paranormal force sounds like the perfect cause to sink hours of our lives into.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Despite its heart-breaking delay to March 2020, fans and Nintendo newcomers alike are still excited for this super serene life-sim. This title has remained under the radar for a few years now, spouting rumours and inspiring speculation across the gaming community like a mythical creature. This year’s E3 Nintendo Direct gave audiences that much-anticipated release date as well as a fairly extensive gameplay demo and boy, does it look delightful. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has players escape to a deserted island courtesy of our old pal Tom Nook who sets us up with a tent, a phone, and not much else. Implementing a new crafting system (in a game where crafting actually makes sense and isn’t obtuse!), players can build their own furniture using materials harvested from around the island. You can also place furniture outdoors, have friends visit your island through online and local multiplayer, and befriend all your favourite villagers as they, too, escape to your island! There’s so much to unpack from the trailer and the Nintendo Treehouse gameplay. Watch it and whet your appetite in preparation for a loveable feast when Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases March 20th 2020!

Breath of The Wild Sequel

While the Animal Crossing delay might be a little hard to swallow for some Nintendo fans, we’re pretty sure that was quickly forgotten by the end of Nintendo’s E3 Direct when they announced a sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Arguably the best game for the Nintendo Switch and 2017’s Game of the Year award winner, Breath of The Wild has become a modern classic with more than half of Switch owners having bought the game. The sequel promises a darker delve into BOTW’s Hyrule with its reanimated Ganon corpse and creepy reversed music. We simply cannot wait for more of that beautiful art style, nigh on perfect gameplay, and more open world Zelda action. Also, possibly the option to play as Zelda? Fingers crossed!

Halo Infinite

Barrelling in alongside Microsoft’s impressive Project Scarlett announcement is another chapter in the Chief’s epic tale. Confirmed as a launch title for Microsoft’s next-generation console, fans were treated to a cinematic trailer for Halo Infinite, complete with yet more Master Chief floating aimlessly through outer space before being rescued and subsequently heading into battle against the Created or whatever else made that whole ship shake. With Halo’s epic, well-established storyline and the power of a next-gen console behind it, Halo Infinite is almost guaranteed to be incredible. Now we just have to wait until Project Scarlett releases!

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Remake

What better way to get your fix of nostalgia than with a classic Nintendo game? A Zelda game, no less! Ever since its announcement during Nintendo’s last Direct presentation in February, we’ve been salivating over the charming new art style and desperate for news about this remake of one of the most beloved titles in Zelda’s long-standing series. Coming alongside the Breath of The Wild sequel announcement, this sweet game held its own and definitely stood out as one of the true gems of this year’s E3. We’re ready to spend all our Rupees on the cute little Link Amiibo too…

Watch Dogs Legion

They say three is a magic number and it definitely looks like Ubisoft have worked some magic with their third Watch Dogs game, Legion. In these trying, Brexit riddled times, it’s refreshing to see the games industry having a take on things and giving us that sweet, sweet political satire. Set in dystopian London during a time of oppression under a surveillance state, players must recruit an army to take down the tyranny. The ability to play as any character is what sets Legion apart from its predecessors and every other title announced at E3. That and Helen, Granny assassin coming out of retirement to kick some oppressive butt. Get ready to fight for freedom as any and every character you encounter when Watch Dogs Legion releases on March 6th 2020!

Cyberpunk 2077

Well, first things first, Microsoft’s E3 presentation revealed that Cyberpunk 2077 has Keanu Reeves in it so we can safely say that it ‘won’ E3. It also looks unfathomably incredible and excessively cool. Boasting a massive, sprawling open world, an ultra-stylish aesthetic, and what’s shaping up to be a gripping, gritty story, Cyberpunk 2077 seems like it’s got it all. We’re so ready to spend hours creating our characters and exploring everything that CD Projekt Red’s new world has to offer when Cyberpunk 2077 finally releases on April 16th 2020

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

A timeless, monumental tale retold and reimagined in the more recent Final Fantasy style, the remake of Final Fantasy 7 is one that both old-school fans and FF newcomers can look forward to. Keeping the nostalgic elements of FFVI that players of the original will appreciate (like active time battles) while still implementing the newer combat styles (the likes of which we saw in Final Fantasy XV) alongside a beautiful soundtrack and fully voiced characters, is a recipe for an amazing remake. The graphics look incredible, the story seems as though it may be a little different from the original but still as engaging as ever, and the atmosphere is exactly what you’d expect from a Final Fantasy game. Squenix seem to have done a really good job with this one and clearly know their fans very well. Get ready to relive the magic on March 3rd 2020!

And that’s our list! From unexpected celebrity cameos and overly hyped audiences to very good dogs and very good games, E3 2019 was a blast. As quiet as it was without Sony’s presence and with it coming at the end of this console generation, it was still packed full of awesome titles we can’t wait to play. We’d better start saving up now for the stunning line up of games coming to us in the next few months and throughout the next few years, it seems! Roll on E3 2020!

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