The Best Games To Play On Sky Vegas

    Sky Vegas is one of the premier destinations online if you’re looking to play some casino games. It’s got the weight of Sky’s name behind it; Sky is one of the so-called “superbrands”, and it has a huge amount of media clout, so when it puts its name to a casino venture, you know it’s all legit. If you’ve never checked out Sky Vegas and you’re of a mind to gamble, then you should give it a look. There are some truly excellent games available on the service, and we’re about to run down some of the best of the best. Here are the best games to play on Sky Vegas right now.

    Sky Roulette

    As you might expect, some of the best Sky Vegas games are those created and provided by Sky itself. One of these is Sky Roulette, which is, obviously, Sky’s take on the classic game of roulette. It offers a nice, simple, classic version of roulette with an impressive theoretical RTP (return to player) of 97.30%, which is pretty good for online roulette tables. There are also great features for if your game suddenly gets interrupted by a technical glitch, allowing you to continue without worrying about whether it’s impacted your game or not.

    Eye of Horus Slots

    The Eye of Horus slot almost needs no introduction; it’s a classic slot game with an Ancient Egyptian aesthetic that has an average RTP of 93%, which might not sound like a lot but is actually pretty competitive with other slot games. One of Eye of Horus’ most fun features is its Big Win Board, which lets you see people who have won massive jackpots from big spins on the board. It lets you believe that you can achieve the same thing, and while gambling is based on pure luck, watching someone else win big is pretty enjoyable and adds to the “immersion” of the slot game.

    Sky Blackjack

    Once again, Sky comes through with a great version of a classic casino game. This is the US version of blackjack, so all you need to do is achieve a score of 21 (or as close as you can get to it) in order to achieve victory. There are myriad other rules, of course, but you can familiarise yourself with those as you go; for the most part, it’s simply knowing when to draw cards and when to stick so that you don’t overplay. This is one of the simplest casino games to learn, but with an RTP of 99% (yes, really), it’s definitely worth experiencing this one if you’re a casino aficionado.

    Sky Video Poker

    We’re recommending a lot of Sky-based games, but after all, it is Sky Vegas, so it’s reasonable to assume they have the best games! Video poker is played in a slightly different way to regular poker in that you don’t get to see your opponents, which makes the observation dimension of the game moot. Instead, it’s all about the cards, which means you’re relying pretty heavily on luck to play video poker. Sky’s version is as clean and efficient as you’d expect from this casino provider, so check it out if you want a version of poker without all the extra baggage.

    Golden Leprechaun Slots

    Just like the Eye of Horus game, the Golden Leprechaun slot game is a fun little diversion with a “luck of the Irish”-style theme. It’s got five reels and twenty lines, which means you’ve got plenty of chances to cash in big (although, again, we should point out that this is entirely based on luck). There are also random bonuses to look forward to, as well as lucky lines and other bonuses to try and score. The RTP here is 94.19%, so if you head in with the right mentality – of having fun and not taking things too seriously – you’ll get a lot out of this slot.

    Hi Lo Joker

    The game of Hi Lo is exactly as simple as you think it is. All you need to do is guess what card is going to be dealt by the dealer next. That’s it; no complex rules or difficult strategies, just pure guesswork. This makes Hi Lo one of the most exciting casino games, simply because the stakes are completely even; no one player has an advantage due to prior knowledge, and there’s pretty much no way to trick the house in order to get the outcome you’re after. Instead, it’s just you, the dealer, and this excellent game you can check out now on Sky Vegas.

    Book of Ra Magic

    This is another iconic slot machine with an aesthetic based in Ancient Egypt, just like Eye of Horus. This time around, however, there are 10 win lines to aim for, with ten free spins up for grabs if you get 3 or more scatter symbols appearing on the reels. The RTP on this slot is 95.03%, which is impressive; you’ll have a great time playing this one, especially if you check it out on Sky Vegas’ sleek website. Like most slots, this one also doesn’t require much from you; all you need to do is pull the metaphorical lever and watch to see if today is the day you make it big!

    We hope this guide on our favourite Sky Vegas games has been helpful. If you set yourself a reasonable bankroll, reinforce your limits, and go in with a mentality of having fun and not of winning, Sky Vegas casino gaming can be great fun! 


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