The Best British Twitch Streamers

    Ah, Britain. Land of tea, the Queen, and other associated stereotypes. Of course, modern Britain is just as cosmopolitan and diverse as anywhere else in the world. Anything the developed world can do, Britain can do as well, and that includes streaming on Twitch. The UK is a nation of gamers, just as the USA and other countries are. It might be a small island nation off the coast of mainland Europe, but don’t count it out when it comes to Twitch.

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    Yes, many of the most interesting and content-rich streamers on Twitch actually hail from this sceptered isle. The USA and Europe may have monopolies when it comes to the public imagination, but don’t count out UK streamers just yet. From Overwatch to League of Legends and everything in between, gamers hungry for a British perspective have plenty of places to go. Here are the best British streamers you can check out on Twitch right now.


    Let’s start off with an old favourite. A lot of people aren’t too familiar with Huzzy any more, which is a shame because he’s one of the most underrated content creators on Twitch. Huzzy mainly plays League of Legends, with a few extra channels dedicated to other games. His stated mission is “to help you become a better player mechanically and mentally”, and his content is simple to understand, straightforward, and engaging. Check him out if you’re a LoL fan (or if not – it’s still pretty relaxing just to watch him play).


    Leah doesn’t have a huge amount of time to stream on Twitch anymore, so you’re not likely to catch her with the kind of schedule her peers have. Her channel description admits that her full-time job with XboxOn means she doesn’t have a huge amount of personal streaming time. Still, the fast-talking, enthusiastic, and quirky persona she presents is a huge amount of fun. Check out Leah’s stream if you like stream-of-consciousness chat and great games.


    If you’ve ever wanted to get into the world of grand strategy gaming but felt it was too deep and impenetrable, then Lionheartx10 is the streamer for you. He’s a Machinima Partner on YouTube and has a strong presence on Google’s video service too, but he can be found streaming frequently on Twitch. The Total War franchise is Lionheart’s forte, but he’s dabbled in other games including Stellaris, Jurassic World Evolution, and – because of course – World of Warcraft.


    Nothing beats the sense of community and camaraderie that accompanies every single Valkia video. He’s an Overwatch beast, maining assault hero Pharah and absolutely outclassing everyone else who plays the character in the process. As if that weren’t enough, Valkia is also a genuinely lovely guy; he clearly adores and respects his community immensely and even celebrates them on a regular basis. Valkia will cheer you up through even the most difficult day.


    BamyLeaf’s story is one of opportunity from tragedy. She was burgled back in 2017 and her Xbox 360 was stolen. Undeterred, she decided to pick up a gaming PC and hasn’t looked back since. The 22-year-old loves streaming games, but she’s also a huge movie buff, so you’re just as likely to hear her chat about her favourite movies as to expound on the best games she’s playing. Titles she’s streamed recently include No Man’s Sky and Rise of Legions.


    If the UK Twitch community has parents, they’re probably Fremily. This husband-wife duo go way, way back with the service and have been streaming for a very long time indeed. They’re great fun, bouncing off each other and their fanbase in an endearing and compelling way. They’re also the organisers of Twitch London, so if you’ve ever been to that community meetup then you have them to thank. More streamers should partner up with their…well…partners.


    Despite his rather un-British name, SovietWomble is a UK-based streamer who mainly specialises in strategy gaming. He does play a diverse range of games – including strategy classics DayZ and Rust, both of which have some pretty solid memories associated with them for him – but he’s mainly known for RimWorld right now. Like Valkia, SovietWomble is a friendly and upstanding chap. He’s the kind of person who gives British streamers a good name.


    Sometimes, when you’re watching a gaming stream, you want nothing more than to sit forward with your pad and pencil and watch how it’s done. When that happens, you call in on Sacriel’s channel. Sacriel’s been streaming since 2012, and if the game requires a great deal of skill to play it, you can bet Sacriel’s mastered it. He’s never condescending; he’s always interested in how to improve gaming skills, but he’s friendly and approachable while also being didactic. Sacriel’s is a truly valuable British channel.


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