The Best American Twitch Streamers

    The USA is fertile ground for Twitch streamers. Many of the world’s biggest gaming events are held in one of the country’s fifty states, and several of the industry’s most significant personalities and development outfits are based there. It’s no surprise that the USA has a huge streaming culture and that many of the world’s most famous Twitch streamers are based in the USA.

    If you’re new to Twitch and you’re not sure who the biggest US streaming personalities are, allow us to educate you. Twitch streamers cross every divide there is; they’re diverse in terms of personality, appearance, and content creation. Other countries have amazing streamers, but the US can probably claim to have the highest density of significant Twitch broadcasters. Here are the best American streamers.


    We’re cheating a little bit with this one since Ninja no longer streams on Twitch. For a long time, though, Ninja’s name was synonymous with Amazon’s streaming service. When Apex Legends was released, EA and Respawn paid Ninja $1 million to promote the game on his channel. His move to Mixer hasn’t been without controversy, but it’s fair to say Ninja was one of the biggest Twitch streamers around during his time with the service.


    Again, we’re technically cheating a bit here since Shroud is actually Canadian. Still, Canada is in North America, so he counts as American on a continental level! Shroud’s channel is huge. He’s an ex-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who enjoys almost 7 million followers on Twitch. Right now, he streams mostly that game and World of Warcraft.


    Another ex-Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro, Summit1g (or Jaryd Lazar, to give him his full name) has become more well-known in recent years for his hilarious Grand Theft Auto V streams, many of which have made it onto social media platforms as memes. He also streams Sea of Thieves, Fortnite, and Apex Legends, among other games. His channel is a good, solid gaming channel.


    Again, KittyPlays (real name Kristen) is technically Canadian, but she’s based in Los Angeles and her stream is great fun so we’re counting her. KittyPlays puts the main focus of its channel on engagement with its audience, so every time Kristen streams she’s also talking to her followers and making sure there’s a conversation running, no matter what she’s playing.


    KaceyTron’s channel is just a touch more risque than many of her compatriots, which reflects the fact that she’s very slightly older than many other Twitch streamers (she’s 29, which isn’t old, but many Twitch users are in their teens or early 20s). Still, she’s a great gamer who also streams a variety of content including IRL trips and visits. If you’re looking for something slightly more mature in tone, KaceyTron will deliver.


    Like many other streamers, Tim “TheTatman” Betar often streams games like World of Warcraft, Fortnite, and Overwatch. He’s an esports athlete who’s also interested in a lot of charitable causes. Last year, Betar managed to set the charitable donation record by raising over $106,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in just a 4-hour time period. Impressive, no?


    League of Legends has made many a career on services like Twitch, and when you watch the incredible pro-level play of Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana, it’s not hard to see why. His persona is laid-back and easygoing, but his LoL play remains devastating to this day. He was originally a pro player for the somewhat unfortunately-named Team Dignitas, but he’s been streaming on Twitch professionally since 2014.


    Another streamer who made his name with League of Legends, Nightblue3 is all about pro LoL play and getting to the game’s ultra-high professional Challenger tier. Occasionally, Nightblue will get a little angry with his teammates, but you can expect restraint and professionalism from his channel the vast majority of the time. His LoL play is off the charts, too.


    Lirik is one of only 200 people that Discord pays for promotion, so you know his Twitch channel has to be something special. He’s a World of Warcraft player, but he’s also known for streaming DayZ and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Generally, though, LIRIK is to be found playing whatever he’s feeling like that day, which makes his stream endearingly varied.


    It’s not all about gaming on Sodapoppin’s channel. True, he’s a gamer through and through, but he’s also known for creating IRL-style comedy skits that are as funny as they are insightful. His 2.5 million follower count speaks for itself. Right now, since we’re in the middle of World of Warcraft Classic fever, that’s where Sodapoppin’s attentions are directed. If you’re a fan, check him out.


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