• IGMC Interview: The Dink of Half-Off Hero

    Who are you and what are you working on? I’m The Dink. I mean, that’s my internet name anyway. You can call me Joe. I always have a project in mind but right now I’m primarily a student with a nearly full-time job so that keeps me busy and mostly unable to pursue my hobbies/enjoyment/dreams.     What is Half-Off Hero? It’s my entry for the IGMC this year! It’s an Adventure, Visual Novel, RPG, with a comedic storyline. At least I’ve been told it’s funny? Humor is subjective and all that. Of course, it’s more than that too I think. I tried to do something different with the game I would make for IGMC 2015 and while it’s different…

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  • IGMC Interview: Jesse of Reminisce

    Who are you and what are you working on? I’m just a guy from Georgia. A complete nobody in the world of game development who saw a contest and thought: “Sure, why not?” Game making has always been more of a hobby than anything for me, and I get much more enjoyment out of making something because I want to, as opposed to planning ahead commercially. Currently I’m working on another non-commercial game, which (like all of my previous projects) will probably never see the light of day or come anywhere close to being finished. What is Reminisce? Reminisce means “to look back and remember fondly”. Reminisce is a Metroidvania style adventure/action/platformer, or at least that was the intention. The game features…

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