Sony’s PS5 is meant for “hardcore gamers” and more from CEO Kenichiro Yoshida

    If you’re a casual gamer and are excited for Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5, you might want to hold your breath. In a report from the Wall Street Journal, Sony described its core audience as hardcore gamers. So you might just be a little disappointed.

    Now that isn’t to say that the PS5 isn’t for you. You can definitely still play it. You just might not find games that cater to your type of audience. Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said in the report that the PS5 is a “niche product, aimed at serious players.”

    Exclusive Titles

    The console will also have a keen focus on first-party exclusive titles. The company is of the mind that by having exclusive titles, people will buy their console. And they are somewhat right. I know that when I was choosing between buying a PS4 and an Xbox One that I thought about what games I would be able to play on each. I’m still a little sad that I can’t play Ori and the Blind Forest.

    The exclusive games for each console are a big deal. Gamers, like me, often make their decisions on what console to buy based off those games. Buy having constant new exclusive games released just for the PS5, gamers will be more enticed to choose Sony’s console. The war between Sony and Microsoft is strong, and Sony needs as much ammo and shields as possible if it wants to win the war.

    Does that mean that indie-titles might get the short end of the stick? Yes and no. While Sony will put an emphasis on first-party titles, indie games will also get their time to shine. Just maybe not at first. This is similar with what Sony did with the PS4. It released the console with hardcore gamers in mind. As time went on, however, they started focusing on lesser-known studios and Kickstarter-funded games. Most likely it will just take some time for Sony to realize the importance of indie games and give them their due.

    More Features

    Other features that were discussed in the report were specifications. Yoshida confirmed that the PS5 “will drastically increase graphic-rendering speed. [It] clearly demonstrates why it makes sense to have a next-generation console.” It seems like Sony’s main goal is to make the PS5 the next big thing in gaming. And while that’s the goal for Microsoft and Nintendo as well, Sony is actively trying to make their previous consoles seem obsolete. By touting the next-generation pros, Sony encourages PlayStation users to buy the next console. It’s a sound business plan, if not an old one. Sony and Microsoft have always been like this.

    The report also mentioned highlighted features like “ray tracing,” which causes increased optical effects in areas with low light. This is meant to get hardcore gamers excited, as this feature hasn’t been available in consoles before. It was only recently added in to gaming PCs.

    In Conclusion

    Sony is trying hard to make sure the PS5 comes out on top. With its designation for hardcore gamers and the focus on exclusive games, this is just another check in the PS5’s box. While the term “hardcore gamer” may ruffle some feathers, it seems like the term is only for show. It’s meant to excite a certain niche of gamers without actually doing anything. The same thing happened with the PS4, so I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. But owners of other consoles and gaming PCs should be worried, as the PS5 has features that could make what you own obsolete. It’ll still be a while before the PS5 is released and more details will be revealed in time. But from what is out there and known to the public already? It seems like the PS5 will be a bigger hit than its predecessor. Sony is not playing around this time.


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