Scorpio: Expanding The Xbox Family

    Project Scorpio may be a year away but we do know some things about this system. Scorpio will not be replacing the Xbox One; in reality those that are working on this project have promised the consumer that they will continue to work on Xbox One next to the Scorpio. Scorpio is an upgrade indeed, the start of the new era coming to next gen, but those at Microsoft will not punish those who don’t upgrade. Those in fear that this is going to replace the Xbox One can now take a deep breath and sigh in relief.

    What Scorpio is, is simply this: a stronger, faster, and more capable system. From what we know Project Scorpio will be the first system to “run in 4k and be equipped ready for hi-fidelity VR” as Microsoft boasts. No system as of today can handle gaming in 4k, the closest we have to that is the Xbox One S and the Playstation4 Pro playing blue-ray discs in 4k, but games do not run in 4k. Project Scorpio will be the system that will make the consumer, producer, and developer happy, it’s everyone’s system. Xbox makes a bold statement by declaring that it is everyone’s system and only when it is released that we will see the true potential that everyone is claiming.


    What makes Scorpio stronger is the 6 teraflops of power, 320 GB Memory bandwidth, and 8 CPU Cores. That is an incredible amount of data. 6 teraflops is 6 to the 12th power, or 6 million millions of power. Honestly that is unimaginable and it makes me excited to see the speed of this system. Comparing Project Scorpio 320 GB memory bandwidth to the Xbox One’s 5 GB of memory, Scorpio is 64 times stronger than the Xbox One in memory bandwidth. The thing that both Scorpio and the One share is the 8 CPU core.

    Project Scorpio is an extension to the Xbox family, a massive extension at that. Project Scorpio will be capable of VR and be capable of playing games like FallOut 4 in the VR setting, from the video found here. Bethesda plans on releasing FallOut 4 to the VR setting once Project Scorpio is launched, but we will only see if this happens once Scorpio is released.

    Now although Scorpio will be the start of the next generation of gaming we cannot tell for sure if server on Xbox One will be capable of playing with a server on Project Scorpio, as of right now we are only assuming yes they will because how affirmative Microsoft has been on continuing to develop the Xbox One once Scorpio comes out. The Scorpio is yet to have been announced for a release date we only know it comes out in the Holiday season of 2017, that often means November, but we can only wait and see. Hopefully Microsoft will announce some more information on Project Scorpio sometime in the first quarter of the gaming year. Scorpio is too much of a mystery right now, we know what it’s capable of, but we still want to know more, what kind of VR will be capable of supporting project Scorpio, what the system may look like, and if we can actually stand it on it’s side unlike how we could with the original Xbox One. Until we know more we won’t know for sure if we should upgrade, but Microsoft will continue to cause hype for their systems until they release. I look forward to seeing what else Microsoft states in the coming first and second quarter, but we can only wait. So Xbox lovers continue to play and build your communities and no longer fear of having to abandon your beloved Xbox One’s for something better, only time will tell.


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