The Risks You’re Taking as a Gaming Content Creator

    This article is not meant to scare you from ever streaming or making “Let’s Plays” on YouTube. If you are strong and will hearted, then take this article as a precaution to what your life will entail when stepping onto the field of streaming and gaming content creations. Of course, being on the Internet is always a dangerous situation and you need to be prepared at all costs to protect yourself from any form of slander or fraud.

    The first risks are minor risks when you stream and create content for sites like YouTube and Twitch. Such as the frequent trolls and wrong doers. These are the people who tend to find joy in hurting others by either making fun of them, or telling them hurtful things and to some extent telling them to kill themselves. These people are just there in your chats and comments to leave a sour taste on the pallet. These people are an easy fix. If you are live streaming be sure to have a moderator or two in your chat in case people like the troll come in to not follow your channels rules, your mods will be able to catch a rule breaker faster than you since you are multitasking and may not be able to see the problem till a good couple of minutes after its happened. Make sure you are quick to catch problems or have mods that will catch them instantly. If you have a troll commenting on your YouTube channel, this is much easier to fix. As the content provider, you’ll be able to erase and check any form trolling in your comments section, that it’s not live you can simply return to the comments on a later period and pick the weeds from the garden so to speak.

    The second risk, and more importantly why this article is being written is keeping your personal information safe. This is mostly for those that live stream. Recently, a small streamer I know was hacked during a live stream which caused a massive hassle of calling many forms of people, reporting hacked accounts, and changing a lot of passwords and personal information. He was frazzled and spent a good couple of hours talking to viewers and moderators he trusted. Then things calmed down after the last of the details had been changed. The moral of the story be careful what your details entail. Through this attack the hackers were able to gain access to his twitter, twitch, PayPal, which gained them access to his home address and email account. I personally felt really bad for him, cause all I could do was block the messages that the hackers were sharing on his stream.

    The basics that you should take from this article is that you make sure if you are going to have personal information on the Internet that you keep the information locked and secure. Use multi-security systems on social media accounts, such as the verification codes on Twitch, Google, and most email providers now. Because of this attack many streamers connected to this streamer are now nervous to stream, these attacks do not just effect one person, more so nearly the entire Twitch community. Many streams will not be happening this weekend because of this attack, so please fellow readers, be careful when you stream or make your YouTube gaming videos, keep your information hidden, and keep it safe.


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