Final Fantasy – How Far We Have Come

    November 29th marked a very special anniversary for a game that has been more than just hours of fun and enjoyment, it has become a part of our very culture. We are talking of course about Final Fantasy, on November 29th we saw Final Fantasy XV be released. This is a game franchise that started all the way back in 1987, for some people they were not even born. For the developer of the game Square Enix, it has been one of the best-selling game franchises for the company. The other sign that it has been a huge part of popular culture, is the fact that is one of the bestselling game franchises of all time among all of the franchises out there.

    Final Fantasy

    This was the first game in the franchise. Dating back to December 18 of 1987, Square as it was known at the time took a chance on the game and put it out there for the public to play. The company thought that this was going to be the last game that was ever released by the company. Instead, it actually saved the company and soon spawned many other game titles. Many within the company would attribute the salvation of the company based on the success of this game.

    Final Fantasy XV

    Here we are in the year of 2016 and the whole Final Fantasy franchise has come such a long way. There are so many changes that have been made since the original game came out. One of the biggest change that fans of the franchise will notice, is the massively improved graphics that are part of the game. The battle system has also been tweaked in the fact that the battle system is a real time system as opposed to the menu based system as has been used in previous versions of the game. Another change to battles is the fact that battles take place in an open environment as opposed the old way of transitioning to another location. When you begin to get close to an enemy, there will be a meter that will begin to grow the closer that you get to the enemy. This is a massive improvement from back in the day when the battle system was not nearly as advanced.

    Progression of Characters

    When a character is finished with a battle, the result will be that the character will receive experience points. These points do not mean that a player will receive a level up when they reach a certain amount of experience points. They will need to instead go to Havens, these are safe zones. They can also go to places like inns to rest and recuperate. The character will receive a certain level ups depending on where they are in terms of experience points. There does need to be a certain amount of care taken as a character can lose their experience points gained from the last time they leveled up.

    Getting a Good Start

    If you are looking to get a good head start in Final Fantasy XV, then you need to do a certain set of things to help and make sure that you get ahead. The best weapon you can use, is the waiting game. This is one time that waiting will pay off for you. Switching your battle option from active to waiting will help you to get a good grasp on things without having to worry too much about fighting.

    As you can see, there is a lot of advancements that have been made since the early days of playing this on the NES. As the years go, there will be a lot of anticipation for the eventual release of Final Fantasy XX. By then the world of gaming will have evolved even more and the game will be on a whole new level.


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