Retro Childhood Toys That Are Now Worth A Fortune

    It is hard to put a price on your childhood. All those times spent happily whiling away the hours with your favourite toy is worth more than money, right? Well, a couple of decades on, and you might look at it with a different perspective. Those retro games and toys that gave you so much joy in the past are now worth a fortune. Some of them are going for thousands of dollars. Seriously, the toys that cost you about a pocket full of change fifteen years ago are now that in demand.

    A new interactive toy, Furby, made by Tiger Electronics, is expected to be the latest craze with kids. The cuddly standalone animatronic pet, interacts with the environment through sight, touch, hearing and physical orientation. The toy is scheduled for release October 2, 1998. (photo by ho)

    Furbies were incredibly strange creatures. They spoke a made-up language, they scuttled across the floor like a madman, and they had big, googly eyes! Still, we loved them, and we bought them by the bucket load. It didn’t seem like there wasn’t a kid who didn’t have a Furby back in the early 2000s. Apparently, we still love them as some on eBay are going for over five hundred dollars.

    Pokémon Paraphernalia

    Anything Pokémon is worth a bit of money in 2015. The Pokémon Cards especially are worth the most, and if you have some in your cupboard that you don’t use, you might want to visit a collector. The Pokémon craze was massive back in the day when you could collect cards and swap them with your friends. An eclectic mix of Pokémon meant you were one the best Pokémon trainers around, especially if you had a couple of ‘shinies’. Now, those ‘shinies’ can land you a fortune of up to $15,000. A Charizard or Raichu card, the transformation of Pikachu, are the most valuable.

    Mario Kart 64

    There are not many games that transcend generations like Mario Kart. Ask anyone who was born in the 80s onwards, and they will have found memories of racing the Mario Kart family. It is one of the most beloved games in Nintendo history, and the price reflects the fact. While more recent Mario Kart games are going for a reasonable price, the original in mint condition can fetch over a thousand dollars.


    Can you remember a time without iPods? In the 90s and at the start of the new millennium, there existed an early remnant of portable music player, and it was called a HitClip. They were the best and coolest way to listen to your favourite tunes on the move. Now, of course, Apple technology has changed all that, and HitClips are pretty much extinct. Still, you can always sell them and make a couple of hundred dollars. It might not be an iPod, but it is better than a kick to the privates!

    Easy Bake Oven

    Girls, did you ever have an Easy Bake Oven? Who am I kidding, the guys loved it too! What wasn’t to love? In minutes, you could make cupcakes and tasty treats, which is heaven for children. For adults, the Easy Bake Oven is still doing its part, raking in another $300 for an original.

    If you have all five of these retro toys laying around the house somewhere, you could have thousands of dollars collecting dust.


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