Reasons why anime games have become so popular today

    Anime is a popular art form and probably the most famous cultural export of Japan. The word “Anime: itself is a short form of the English word Animation, and the word is now universally used for all animated works, tv shows, video games that have these typical visual characteristics. You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Anime games, even if you’re not a video game enthusiast. Anime was popular in Japan even six decades ago, but the advancements of technology and video game platforms becoming more accessible to everyone has made these games featuring their unique art style popular all over the world. Due to its fandom increasing exponentially every day, animators and video games businesses produce more of them every year. There are tons of different anime video games on almost every gaming platform as everyone adores them no matter if they’re a kid, teenager, or an adult.

    To date, there are countless anime games ranging from the classic Naruto Ultimate to Dragon Ball Z to the recently launched anime game Project QT. The choices in many anime sub-genres are never-ending. Some of them are incredibly famous, and several are like hidden treasures waiting to be explored. In short, there are a lot of choices for every anime game fan.

    The anime industry is estimated to be worth 19 billion USD, and these figures are only from its home country Japan. You must be wondering what makes these anime games so popular?

    Well, there are a lot of reasons, and not only that, gamers connect to anime games on a deeper level than any other form. Let’s discuss some important reasons that have created massive growth in the popularity of these anime games. Keep Reading.

    ?     There is an anime game for everyone:

    Anime games are created considering its diverse fan base, and there are options for everyone. The games range from simple action fantasy games like the attack on titan to adult-oriented ones like Project QT. Some games are developed with simple themes and plot for young kids, and many are based on complex adult themes. The choice is immense and a reason for its vast fanbase.

    ?     Unique Animation Styles:

    Anime games have a massive appeal due to its unique animation styles. People unfamiliar with the anime video games often confuse them with mediocre cartoons created only for kids, but this notion is misleading. Anime games and their characters have their unparalleled charm. The characters are crafted with extreme accuracy and attention to detail. Animators use vibrant colors and sharp features to make the characters and overall feel of the games realistic and very attractive. Anime games are a fabulous fusion of animation and art style.

    ?     Anime games have a history:

    Anime started over a century ago, and Some of the early anime games were created using source materials, themes, and characters from popular anime comics and series. The anime series fans connected to these games on a deeper level because of the history and well-known plots. This was a big reason why anime games were a sudden hit.  Although this is not only the case; when anime games gained popularity, some fresh new games were also created with exciting characters and storylines. These games were also very well received by the gamer community. The famous series pokemon was released initially as a game in 1996, and after its immense success, a series was produced based on that and was exported to the world later.

    ?     Exciting plots and stories:

    Anime game creators are not afraid of pushing the boundaries. Every anime game has a unique plot with engaging twists and turns. Anime games are full of possibilities. Stories and plots are written in the fantasy world to make everything possible that the users desire, which keeps their fans glued to the games. The plots are unconventional and not boring at all. This is the beauty of Anime games and a huge reason why the anime games franchises have a huge fan base.

    ?     Energetic Customized Characters:

    Anime games allow its users to play as pre-installed distinct characters, and gamers can also design the characters with their own specific characteristics, styles, and features. Most anime games have their in-game currencies, which the users utilize to buy extra ornaments and powers for their characters, enabling them to create the characters uniquely. Customized dynamic characters are a huge plus point, and a reason that popularity of these games is shooting up. Project QT, a new addition to the anime game family, also has upgradable interesting female characters fighting with a deadly virus. Sounds Great? Do check it out today.

    ?     Display of different emotions:

    Bored with the same old expressionless characters in conventional video games? Then It’s time to explore the world of anime games. Anime games are power-packed with a portrayal of emotions. Aggression is appropriately showcased during the fighting scenes, and where love and romance have to be communicated, anime games characters exhibit a great expression of that. The display of different emotions makes the overall gaming experience engaging, lively, and close to reality.

    Summing Up:

    Anime games already have a significant reach, and they are here to stay forever. After knowing all these reasons, you must be looking for a new anime game to try out. Our recommendation would be to download this recently released game on the Android platform known as Project QT, created by Nutaku. Project QT is an adult-oriented anime game featuring a squad of eight heroines fighting an evil deadly virus. The game is as impressive as it sounds.

    In a nutshell, anime games are successful today because they are smart, the animations are excellent, the stories and plots are well written, the genres are deep, and there is entertainment for everyone in the cosmos of Anime games.


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